A Guide to Playlists

Why do we play the guitar? Everyone has their reasons but we all share a love of playing music. Backing tracks are vital practice tool and with our playlists you can collect your favourites in one place.

Whether you've just learnt the solo from Hotel California, mastered a sweep picking lick or have uncovered the joys of the blues scale; Backing tracks allow you to apply your knowledge. Music doesn't exist in a vacuum and often techniques and ideas don't come to life without an arrangement to play along with. That's why for 20 years we have been creating studio-quality backing tracks, recorded by real musicians for some of the most prominent artists and genres.

There are over 950 backing tracks at your disposal, with the playlist tool you can put your favourites into lists, ready for when the study stops and 'Jammin' begins.

Take a look at the guide below on how to access, edit and manage your playlist.

You can access playlists and backing tracks via the mega menu at the top of the page.
Navigate to the backing track pages and choose a track.
Jump straight into the track, download or add to a playlist for later.
Create a new playlist or add to one you've already set up.
Use the + icons to add to any playlist
Navigate to 'My Playlist' via mega menu and you'll see your playlists and songs. You can also delete tracks and playlists here.
You can use the + icon to search for tracks and add to your chosen list.