What are Watchlists?

Licklibrary is built for guitarists by guitarists. We know that every person learns differently, that is why we have created tools to help you learn your way.

The watchlist function allows you to save courses and lessons to a dedicated area, just fo you. This will enable you to pick from our vast resource of content and tailor your own learning experience. As you browse the site you may come across a lesson or course that you think will add to your playing, but you are working on some different chops currently, simply add to your watchlist for later.

Check out the quick guide below on how to find and edit your watchlist's.

Navigate to a course and add to your watchlist
Add/remove the product from your watchlist
Access your watchlist from the Learn Mega Menu at the top of the page.
The product has been added to your watchlist, you can also delete them using the X in the top right hand corner.