51 Advanced Rock Licks by Tom Quayle

Unlock the secrets of advanced rock guitar playing with "51 Advanced Rock Licks" by Tom Quayle, exclusively available at LickLibrary.com. This comprehensive guitar lesson series is designed for intermediate to advanced players looking to enhance their technique and add expressiveness to their playing style through a variety of complex and innovative guitar licks.

Position Shifting

Position shifting is a critical technique for any aspiring lead guitarist, allowing smooth transitions along the neck of the guitar. In "51 Advanced Rock Licks," Tom Quayle demonstrates how to seamlessly move between positions to create fluid and engaging solos. Learning position shifting not only increases your fretboard awareness but also enhances your ability to play more complex compositions with ease.

Tapping Ideas

Tapping is not just a showy technique but a fundamental tool for modern rock guitarists. Tom explores various tapping ideas that extend beyond simple patterns, incorporating both hands to produce sounds that are impossible with traditional picking techniques alone. This section helps players develop a more rhythmic and melodic approach to tapping, significantly expanding their expressive capabilities.

String Bends

String bending is a quintessential rock guitar technique that adds a vocal-like quality to your playing. Tom Quayle's lessons focus on mastering this technique with precision, including tips on how to maintain pitch accuracy and control. This skill is crucial for expressing emotion and creating those iconic wailing rock sounds.

Picking Ideas

From alternate picking to more nuanced stroke techniques, "51 Advanced Rock Licks" covers a broad spectrum of picking ideas. These exercises are designed to improve speed, accuracy, and timing, providing the foundational skills needed for intricate solos and riffs.

Hybrid and Sweep Picking Ideas

Hybrid picking combines pick and fingers to produce a unique sound palette, while sweep picking allows for fast arpeggios that flow across the strings. Both techniques are thoroughly explored, enhancing textural variety and efficiency in your playing.

Legato Ideas

Legato playing in rock guitar involves smooth transitions between notes using hammer-ons, pull-offs, and slides. Tom Quayle's lessons delve into developing a fluid, continuous sound without the percussive attack of the pick, enabling a faster and more melodious playing style.

The Value of Performance

Each lesson culminates with a performance by Tom Quayle, showcasing how these techniques can be integrated into real musical contexts. Watching a master at work not only inspires but also demonstrates the practical application of each technique in a musical performance. This helps learners connect practice to actual playing scenarios, making learning more relevant and exciting.


"51 Advanced Rock Licks" by Tom Quayle is an invaluable resource for any guitarist looking to delve deeper into the world of advanced rock techniques. With expert instruction and comprehensive content, this series is a must-have for those who aspire to elevate their guitar playing to new heights.

List of Guitar Techniques Used:

This detailed lesson series not only improves technical skills but also enhances musical expression, making it a pivotal step in the journey of every rock guitarist.

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