Andy James - Metal Edge: Masterclass in Metal Guitar Techniques


Unlock the secrets of metal guitar with Andy James in "Metal Edge," a comprehensive guitar course available exclusively on This course is designed for intermediate to advanced guitarists who are looking to enhance their skills and dive deep into the world of metal guitar techniques. With a focus on precision, speed, and creativity, Andy James guides you through a series of lessons that are not only educational but also electrifying.

Pentatonic Shred Licks

The course kicks off with "10 Pentatonic Shred Licks" that are essential for any aspiring metal guitarist. These licks incorporate rapid finger movements and string skipping, offering a great way to improve agility and fretboard navigation. Learning these licks helps in developing a keen sense of timing and dynamics, essential elements in the metal genre.

Alternate Picking

Next, delve into the world of "Alternate Picking." This technique is pivotal for playing faster and more efficiently. By alternating downstrokes and upstrokes, you can achieve greater speed without sacrificing precision. This lesson focuses on building stamina and accuracy, allowing for cleaner and more articulate solos and riffs.

Extended Arpeggio Positions

"Extended Arpeggio Positions" are explored to widen your playing range and introduce you to new sound textures. This section of the course enhances your ability to play across multiple octaves, adding a dramatic flair to your compositions and solos. Arpeggios are fundamental in creating those epic metal moments that captivate an audience.

Alternate Picking Using the Major Scale

Further refining your picking technique, "Alternate Picking Using the Major Scale" combines the rigor of scale practice with the complexity of alternate picking. This lesson not only boosts your scale knowledge but also improves your rhythmic precision and integration of melodic structures into metal playing.

Arpeggios Using Tapping

To add even more flair to your skill set, "Arpeggios Using Tapping" introduces you to a hallmark of the metal genre. Tapping allows for high-speed arpeggios that are not possible with conventional picking techniques. This method enhances your ability to play complex passages and delivers a visually impressive element to your performances.

Performance Context

Each lesson culminates in a live performance by Andy James, demonstrating how these techniques are applied in a real musical context. Seeing these methods in action not only reinforces the learning but also shows their practical application in creating emotive and powerful metal music. The performance aspect helps in understanding the integration of each technique into full compositions, offering a holistic view of how individual elements contribute to the overarching sound.


Andy James - Metal Edge is more than just a guitar lesson; it's a transformational journey through the landscape of metal guitar. With each technique, Andy not only imparts practical skills but also inspires creativity and expression in your playing. This course is designed to push your boundaries and ignite your passion for metal guitar.

Techniques Used in the Lessons

Below is a list of all the guitar techniques used in the Andy James - Metal Edge lessons. Click on the links to learn more about each technique:

Whether you are looking to refine your existing skills or learn something completely new, "Andy James - Metal Edge" offers a unique and comprehensive approach to mastering metal guitar techniques. Join now and start your journey towards becoming a metal guitar maestro!

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