Celtic Shred for Guitar by Dave Brons


Dive into the evocative world of Celtic music with "Celtic Shred for Guitar" by Dave Brons, a unique guitar lesson series offered exclusively on Licklibrary.com. This series features detailed, note-for-note tutorials on four spectacular tracks: Miracle Maker, Rohan Riders, Heaven's Bright Sun, and Castlerigg. Each lesson is meticulously designed to help guitarists of all levels enhance their technical skills while exploring the rich textures and dynamic rhythms of Celtic music.

Miracle Maker

In the lesson for "Miracle Maker", Dave Brons focuses on mastering the art of string bending and vibrato, essential for expressing the song's emotive power. Learning these techniques allows players to inject personal feeling into the music, making each performance uniquely their own. Additionally, the use of alternate picking throughout the song helps in developing speed and accuracy, critical for any lead guitarist looking to improve their play.

Rohan Riders

"Rohan Riders" is a journey through rapid-fire alternate picking and intricate legato runs, offering a thrilling challenge for the advancing guitarist. These techniques not only boost finger dexterity and picking efficiency but also enhance the player's ability to deliver smooth, flowing solos that are staple in fast-paced Celtic music. The lesson also introduces tapped harmonics, adding a sparkling layer of complexity and sonic beauty to your playing repertoire.

Heaven’s Bright Sun

This lesson emphasises the use of arpeggios and chord progressions, foundational elements that create the song's uplifting and expansive atmosphere. By mastering these techniques, guitarists can greatly improve their understanding of music theory and chordal relationships, vital for songwriting and improvisation. Additionally, the inclusion of palm-muting offers a textured contrast, perfect for those looking to diversify their rhythmic playing.


Focusing on sweep picking and pull-offs, "Castlerigg" challenges players to develop precision and speed, integrating these techniques into a coherent musical flow. These skills are particularly beneficial for players interested in genres that demand technical proficiency and expressive detail, such as neo-classical and progressive rock.

Performance Context

Each lesson concludes with a performance by tutor Dave Brons, showcasing how these techniques are applied in a live setting. Watching a skilled musician perform the pieces students are learning is invaluable as it provides a concrete example of how to integrate techniques into a fluid performance. It also helps in understanding musical phrasing and dynamics, critical components that elevate a mere recital to a heartfelt performance.

Benefits of Learning Techniques

The "Celtic Shred for Guitar" series not only equips you with the skills necessary for playing complex guitar parts but also enriches your musical expression and versatility. Each technique explored opens new avenues for creativity and helps in building a more intuitive connection with the instrument. These lessons are structured to ensure that you not only learn how to play the notes but also understand the stylistic elements that make Celtic music resonate with so much emotion and energy.


Whether you're a beginner aiming to set a strong foundation or an advanced player looking to refine your skills and add new techniques to your playing arsenal, "Celtic Shred for Guitar" by Dave Brons offers comprehensive guidance that is both challenging and rewarding. Embrace the journey of Celtic guitar mastery with Licklibrary.com and transform your musical potential.

Guitar Techniques Used

Below is a list of guitar techniques covered in the "Celtic Shred for Guitar" series. Each link leads to a glossary page that provides further detail and instructional content on the technique.

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