Country Guitar In 6 Weeks - Week 1

Embark on a musical journey with "Country Guitar In 6 Weeks - Week 1," a course meticulously designed for guitar enthusiasts eager to delve into the heart of country music. This introductory week is your gateway to mastering essential techniques that define the genre, including the major pentatonic scale, right-hand picking methods, the essence of country phrasing, and the art of sequencing. Highlighting the course are three licks inspired by Vince Gill, offering a blend of instruction and inspiration tailored to elevate your playing. This course is taught by Steve Trovato.

Guitar Lesson Overview

Exploring the Major Pentatonic Scale

The major pentatonic scale is celebrated for its melodious and adaptable qualities, making it a cornerstone of country music's sonic palette. This lesson demystifies the scale, teaching its variations within a single position to foster an intuitive understanding and fluid application. Mastering this scale is critical for players looking to weave compelling melodies and craft solos with ease and expressiveness.

Right-Hand Picking Mastery

Precision in right-hand picking is paramount for the crisp, articulate textures that characterize country music. This course segment is dedicated to refining your picking technique, focusing on accuracy, agility, and rhythmic integrity. By honing these skills, you'll unlock new dimensions in your playing, enabling you to tackle intricate patterns and rhythms with confidence.

Country Phrasing Techniques

The soul of country music lies in its expressive phrasing. This lesson dives into the techniques that imbue country guitar with its poignant and storytelling qualities, such as bends, slides, and nuanced vibrato. Learning to manipulate these elements will allow you to infuse your playing with the emotional depth and authenticity that are hallmarks of the genre.

Sequencing the Major Pentatonic Scale

This course also covers sequencing the major pentatonic scale, a technique that enriches your improvisational vocabulary and solo construction. By breaking down the scale into sequences, you'll learn to create more intricate and engaging musical lines, enhancing both your creativity and technical prowess.

Licks in the Style of Vince Gill

Vince Gill's guitar playing, known for its lyrical elegance and technical sophistication, serves as a prime example for aspiring country guitarists. Through three carefully selected licks, this lesson connects the dots between theory and application, showcasing how to integrate the stylistic nuances and techniques of a country music legend into your own playing.

Practicing with a Backing Track

The inclusion of a backing track in your practice routine is a transformative tool, offering the opportunity to apply learned techniques in a band-like setting. This practice method not only solidifies timing and rhythm but also enhances your improvisational skills and musical responsiveness. It's an essential step toward preparing for live performances and jam sessions, providing a realistic context for your practice.

Key Guitar Techniques in This Course

This course focuses on several fundamental techniques, essential for any aspiring country guitarist:

"Country Guitar In 6 Weeks - Week 1" sets the stage for a comprehensive exploration of country guitar, providing the tools and techniques necessary to begin crafting your own distinctive sound within this beloved genre.

About The Tutor

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Steve Trovato

To fans of country music, Steve needs no introduction and as an educator Steve holds a fulltime position in the Studio Jazz Department of Southern California. Steve has had a huge impact on the guitar learning scene with his old country guitar video and his Voodoo Blues series of books...

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