Cream - Tech Session by Michael Casswell


Welcome to "Cream - Tech Session" by Michael Casswell, an exclusive guitar lesson series brought to you by This comprehensive tutorial is designed for guitar enthusiasts who wish to delve into the iconic sound of Cream, one of the most influential rock bands of the 1960s. Michael Casswell, a seasoned guitarist and renowned tutor, meticulously breaks down the techniques used in Cream's music, allowing you to master them with precision and confidence. Each lesson focuses on specific techniques and includes a performance by Casswell, demonstrating these techniques in a musical context, which greatly enhances your learning experience.

Lesson Breakdown


The lesson component of "Cream - Tech Session" focuses on dissecting the intricate guitar techniques employed by Eric Clapton during his tenure with Cream. Each lesson is structured to provide a step-by-step approach to learning these techniques, ensuring that you can follow along and practice effectively.

Techniques Covered:

Vibrato: Vibrato is a fundamental technique that adds expressiveness to your playing. By oscillating the pitch of a note, you can create a more emotive and dynamic sound. Learning vibrato helps in developing finger strength and control, which are essential for expressive playing.

Alternate Picking: This technique involves alternating the pick strokes between downstrokes and upstrokes. It's crucial for playing fast, articulate passages and improving overall picking efficiency. Mastering alternate picking will enhance your speed and precision across the fretboard.

Legato: Legato playing involves smooth transitions between notes using hammer-ons and pull-offs. This technique allows for fluid, melodic lines and reduces the need for continuous picking. It’s beneficial for creating a seamless, flowing sound in your solos.

Double-Stop Bends: Double-stop bends involve bending two notes simultaneously. This technique creates a rich, harmonised sound and is a staple in blues and rock guitar. It enhances your bending accuracy and finger independence.

Unison Bends: Unison bends are where two strings are bent to the same pitch, producing a powerful, resonant sound. This technique is great for adding intensity to your solos and improving your pitch control.

Pinched Harmonics: Pinched harmonics create high-pitched squeals by striking the string with both the pick and the thumb. This technique is essential for adding aggressive, biting tones to your playing, particularly in rock and metal genres.


The performance section of "Cream - Tech Session" showcases Michael Casswell applying the techniques in a musical context. Watching these performances is invaluable for several reasons:

  1. Contextual Understanding: Seeing the techniques in action within actual songs helps you understand how they fit into musical phrases and structures.
  2. Timing and Dynamics: Performances demonstrate how to apply timing and dynamics effectively, which is crucial for expressive playing.
  3. Musicality: Observing a skilled guitarist like Casswell allows you to see the musical nuances and subtleties that can transform a technical exercise into a compelling performance.

Benefits of Learning the Techniques

Each technique taught in this series offers specific benefits:

  • Vibrato enhances your expressiveness and emotional range.
  • Alternate Picking boosts your speed and accuracy.
  • Legato ensures smooth, melodic transitions.
  • Double-Stop Bends enrich your harmonic vocabulary.
  • Unison Bends amplify the intensity of your solos.
  • Pinched Harmonics introduce aggressive tonal qualities.

By mastering these techniques, you will not only improve your technical skills but also gain a deeper appreciation and understanding of Cream's musical style. This comprehensive approach ensures that you can replicate the iconic sounds of Cream with confidence and flair.

Guitar Techniques Used

Embark on your guitar journey with "Cream - Tech Session" by Michael Casswell and elevate your playing to new heights with these essential techniques.

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