Dan Le Gresley - A Songwriter's Guide to Bass


Licklibrary.com proudly presents "Dan Le Gresley - A Songwriter's Guide to Bass," a comprehensive guitar lesson series meticulously crafted by the accomplished musician and instructor, Dan Le Gresley. This course is designed for guitarists who wish to deepen their understanding of bass playing within the context of songwriting. Spanning three detailed parts, the series explores various fundamental and advanced techniques that enrich songwriting capabilities and enhance musical expression.

Part 1: Building the Foundation

The first part of the series lays the groundwork by introducing essential bass techniques tailored for guitarists. Dan focuses on the pivotal role of rhythm and timing, crucial for any songwriter aiming to create compelling bass lines. Viewers will learn how to master syncopated rhythms and galloping rhythms, which are instrumental in producing dynamic and engaging music compositions. The benefit of learning these techniques is twofold: they not only improve the songwriter's ability to craft intricate musical pieces but also enhance their overall rhythmic intuition.

Part 2: Advanced Techniques

In the second segment, Dan Le Gresley delves into more complex techniques that can transform simple bass lines into captivating musical elements. This part highlights the use of arpeggios and arpeggiated chord progressions, which add richness and depth to compositions. Dan also teaches two-handed tapping and sweep picking, allowing students to incorporate flamboyant and technically impressive passages into their bass play. Learning these advanced techniques equips viewers with the skills to add sophistication to their songwriting, pushing creative boundaries and expanding their musical vocabulary.

Part 3: Integration and Context

The final part of the series synthesises the learned techniques into full musical contexts. Dan emphasises the integration of octave melodies and chromaticism to enhance melodic lines and introduces dual guitar harmonies to enrich song textures. This section is critical as it shows how to apply techniques in a songwriting context, providing a practical framework that can be directly transferred to one’s own music projects.

Performance Context

Each lesson is capped off with a performance by Dan, showcasing the discussed techniques in action. Observing these techniques in a performance context is invaluable as it demonstrates their real-world application and effectiveness. This not only serves as inspiration but also as a practical demonstration of how to seamlessly incorporate these techniques into various musical genres.


"Dan Le Gresley - A Songwriter's Guide to Bass" is an essential series for any guitarist looking to expand their expertise into the realm of bass and enhance their songwriting skills. The combination of foundational knowledge, advanced techniques, and practical applications makes this series a pivotal resource for aspiring and seasoned musicians alike.

Guitar Techniques Used

This curated list reflects only a fraction of the numerous techniques covered in Dan Le Gresley’s extensive guide. Each linked technique opens up a realm of possibilities for songwriters eager to explore new depths in their musical journey.

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