Don Alder - Percussion Techniques for the Acoustic Guitarist is proud to present a unique guitar tutorial featuring the extraordinary Don Alder, titled "Percussion Techniques for the Acoustic Guitarist." This course is specifically designed for guitarists who wish to expand their playing style by incorporating percussive elements, enhancing their right-hand technique, optimising their use of pickups and live sound, and integrating these skills into a cohesive performance. Each lesson within the course focuses on distinct techniques, culminating in a live performance by Don Alder himself, offering students a comprehensive learning experience.

Drum Sounds

In this section, Don Alder teaches guitarists how to produce drum-like sounds using their acoustic guitar. This technique involves various hand positions and striking methods that mimic the kick, snare, and hi-hat sounds typically found in drumming. Learning to create these sounds can significantly broaden a guitarist's musical expression, allowing for more dynamic solo performances and greater versatility in group settings.

Right Hand Technique

Alder delves into advanced right-hand techniques, which are crucial for mastering percussive play on the guitar. This includes the development of finger independence and strength, which enhances the clarity and effectiveness of plucking and striking the strings. Mastering this technique not only improves rhythmic precision but also increases the guitarist's ability to integrate percussive sounds smoothly with traditional playing.

Pickups & Live Sound

This course segment focuses on the optimal use of guitar pickups and live sound settings to best capture and enhance the percussive sounds made on the acoustic guitar. Don Alder offers insights into selecting the right pickups and adjusting EQ settings to ensure that every tap and scrape resonates clearly through any sound system. This knowledge is invaluable for guitarists who perform live and wish to replicate studio-quality sound on stage.

Putting It All Together

In the final lessons, Alder teaches students how to seamlessly combine drum sounds, refined right-hand techniques, and the ideal live sound setup into a complete, polished performance. These lessons encourage creativity and experimentation, leading to a personal style that incorporates all learned techniques.

Performance Context

Understanding and observing these techniques in a performance context is incredibly beneficial. It not only demonstrates the practical application of each technique but also showcases how they can be artistically integrated into songs and performances. Don Alder’s live performance included in this tutorial exemplifies the power and musicality of percussive guitar playing, serving as a valuable model for students.


"Don Alder - Percussion Techniques for the Acoustic Guitarist" is an invaluable resource for any guitarist looking to explore the rhythmic potential of the acoustic guitar. The course offers a unique opportunity to learn from one of the masters of this style, enhancing both technical skills and musical expressiveness.

Guitar Techniques Used in This Course

Here is a list of specific guitar techniques covered in Don Alder's lessons, linked to our comprehensive glossary for further details:

This tutorial not only refines specific techniques but also encourages a holistic and innovative approach to guitar playing that can dramatically expand the musician's repertoire and performance capabilities.

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