Essential Guitar - Contemporary Lines For Electric Guitar

Elevate your guitar artistry with "Essential Guitar - Contemporary Lines For Electric Guitar." This expertly designed course is your roadmap to mastering sophisticated techniques and infusing your guitar play with newfound energy and creativity. Aimed at those eager to broaden their musical expression, enhance technical capabilities, or venture into uncharted territories of guitar musicianship, this course stands as a beacon of growth and exploration. This course is taught by George Marios.

Course Overview

Mastery of Phrasing and Timing

The essence of emotive guitar play is encapsulated in the art of phrasing and timing. This course ventures deep into the art of crafting musical phrases that evoke emotion and bring your guitar solos to life. Emphasizing timing, it teaches you to convey complex emotions through your instrument, making every note count and every solo a story.

Intervallic Lines with Hybrid Picking

Hybrid picking combines pick and finger techniques to unlock a myriad of sonic possibilities. This course introduces intervallic lines that require hybrid picking, offering a novel approach to melody and solo creation. Mastering this technique will broaden your sonic palette, adding depth and versatility to your sound.

Fluidity with Sweeping, Hammer-Ons, and Pull-Offs

Step into the realm of smooth transitions and rapid passages with sweeping, alongside the nuanced techniques of hammer-ons and pull-offs. This course simplifies these advanced techniques, enhancing your speed, efficiency, and the seamless quality of your play, enabling you to tackle intricate musical phrases with grace.

The Value of Practicing with a Backing Track

Utilizing a backing track for practice transforms your rehearsal into an immersive band experience, sharpening your timing, rhythm, and contextual play. Included in this course is a tailor-made backing track that complements the lessons, offering a practical and musical approach to applying your new skills.

Performance Insights with George Marios

Witness the power of application through a special performance segment by tutor George Marios, featuring his original tracks. This not only illustrates the practical use of the taught techniques but also serves as a wellspring of inspiration, showing how these skills can be woven into creative musical expressions.

Viewer Advantages

Engaging with "Essential Guitar - Contemporary Lines For Electric Guitar" opens up a world of benefits. It pushes the boundaries of your musical expression and technical skill, encouraging you to embrace new styles, integrate advanced techniques into your repertoire, and evolve into a more expressive, versatile guitarist.

Techniques in the Course

Dive into the depths of your guitar's capabilities and set forth on a journey to musical mastery with "Essential Guitar - Contemporary Lines For Electric Guitar." Whether your goal is to refine your techniques, embrace new musical styles, or find inspiration, this course is a pivotal step towards realizing the guitarist you aspire to be.

About The Tutor

Tutor Profile

George Marios

George Marios is an upcoming recording guitarist and songwriter based in London, endorsed by the industry's finest guitarists. George moved to Leeds from Greece in 2007, so as to attend the prestigious Leeds College of Music. While studying in LCM, he wrote and produced his debut instrumental album 'Between' two...

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