From Rock To Fusion: Guitar Mastery Course

LickLibrary's "From Rock To Fusion" is a comprehensive guitar course tailored to transition your playing skills from the solid rock foundations to the intricate and sophisticated realm of fusion guitar. This course is meticulously designed to cover essential techniques such as legato, hybrid picking, diverse scale and arpeggio strategies, pentatonic scale enhancements, phrasing exercises, and effective methods for improvisation over chord changes. Each technique is thoroughly explored, making it accessible for guitarists at any skill level to expand their musical knowledge and technical proficiency. The lessons in this course are taught by Tom Quayle.

Lesson Overview

Legato Technique

Legato, which translates to "tied together" from Italian, emphasizes playing notes smoothly and connectedly with minimal use of picking. Through "From Rock To Fusion," you'll master how to seamlessly transition between notes using a combination of hammer-ons, pull-offs, and slides, enhancing your playing with fluidity and facilitating easier execution of speedy and intricate musical phrases.

Hybrid Picking Technique

Hybrid picking merges the precision of a pick with the nuanced touch of fingerstyle playing, enabling a broader dynamic range and textural diversity in your playing. This technique is pivotal for executing complex rhythms and achieving the unique sonic textures required in fusion music. Mastering hybrid picking will significantly broaden your expressive and technical range on the guitar.

Scale and Arpeggio Mastery

Gaining fluency in various scale and arpeggio approaches is key for improvisation and crafting melodies. This course delves into how to creatively apply these musical structures, boosting your confidence and fluidity across the fretboard. These skills are foundational for inventive soloing and improvisational work.

Pentatonic Scale Exploration

While the pentatonic scale is a cornerstone of rock guitar, this course reimagines its application within fusion music, offering innovative ways to blend it into more complex musical contexts. By completing this section, you'll unlock new, creative avenues for using the pentatonic scale beyond its conventional boundaries.

Phrasing Techniques

Effective phrasing transforms notes into a coherent musical narrative, imbuing your playing with personality and emotional depth. "From Rock To Fusion" includes targeted exercises to refine your phrasing, enabling you to infuse life into every note and musical statement, thus elevating your storytelling through music.

Navigating Chord Changes

Addressing chord changes can be daunting, necessitating a thorough grasp of harmony and suitable scale choices. The course presents proven techniques for fluidly navigating chord progressions, ensuring your solos are both coherent and captivating. This skill is indispensable in achieving the responsive and nuanced playing characteristic of fusion genres.

Practicing with a Backing Track

Using a backing track in practice is crucial for honing your timing, rhythm, and improvisation in a band-like context. "From Rock To Fusion" features a custom backing track designed to mimic the experience of playing with live musicians, offering an authentic and challenging practice setting. This approach not only improves group performance skills but also enhances your musical ear and fosters spontaneous creative expression.

Final Thoughts

"From Rock To Fusion" is the ultimate course for guitarists eager to delve into the depths of their instrument, exploring new technical and musical landscapes. The carefully selected techniques and comprehensive instructional content are designed to elevate your guitar playing to new heights, enriching your musical journey with every lesson.

Guitar Techniques Featured in "From Rock To Fusion"

Embark on the journey "From Rock To Fusion" and unlock the potential to transform your guitar playing into a powerful medium of musical expression, one technique at a time.

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Tom Quayle

Tom Quayle needs no introduction on the guitar scene after shooting to attention when he made it to the finals of Guitar Idol back in 2008. Before that he was a graduate of Leeds College of Music where he did a degree in jazz then hit the local jazz scene....

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