Greg Howe - Tech Session by Tom Quayle

Welcome to's "Greg Howe - Tech Session" by Tom Quayle, a comprehensive guitar lesson series designed to elevate your guitar playing to new heights. In this series, you will dive into the intricate techniques and unique stylings of guitar virtuoso Greg Howe, as presented by the talented Tom Quayle. The session is divided into three parts: Lesson Part 1, Lesson Part 2, and Performance. Each section focuses on specific techniques and provides a thorough breakdown, ensuring you gain the skills necessary to master Howe's distinctive sound.

Lesson Part 1

In the first part of the lesson, Tom Quayle introduces the fundamental techniques employed by Greg Howe. This section is perfect for guitarists looking to understand the building blocks of Howe's style.

Techniques Covered:

  • Alternate Picking: This technique involves alternating between downstrokes and upstrokes, providing precision and speed. It enhances your ability to play fast passages cleanly and accurately.
  • Legato: Legato playing creates smooth, flowing lines by using hammer-ons and pull-offs. It helps in developing finger strength and fluidity, essential for expressive solos.
  • Vibrato: Adding vibrato to notes gives them a vocal-like quality. This technique is crucial for adding emotion and depth to your playing.


Mastering these techniques not only improves your technical proficiency but also enriches your musical expression. Alternate picking boosts your speed and accuracy, legato enhances the fluidity of your lines, and vibrato adds emotional weight to your notes. Together, they form a solid foundation for tackling more advanced concepts in later lessons.

Lesson Part 2

The second part of the lesson delves deeper into more advanced techniques that are signature elements of Greg Howe's playing style. Tom Quayle breaks down these techniques, making them accessible and manageable for intermediate to advanced players.

Techniques Covered:

  • Tapped Harmonics: This technique produces bell-like tones by tapping on the fretboard. It's a great way to add a unique texture to your solos.
  • Pinched Harmonics: Achieving high-pitched squeals by pinching the string with your thumb while picking. It adds an aggressive edge to your sound.
  • String Bending: Bending strings to reach desired pitches. This technique is essential for creating expressive solos with dynamic pitch variations.


These advanced techniques enhance your ability to create distinctive sounds and textures. Tapped and pinched harmonics introduce unique tonal qualities, while string bending adds an expressive dimension to your solos. Learning these will significantly diversify your playing style and enable you to emulate Greg Howe's unique sound.


In the final section, Tom Quayle performs a piece that incorporates all the techniques covered in the lessons. This performance not only showcases the techniques in a musical context but also demonstrates how to seamlessly integrate them into your playing.

Importance of Performance Context:

Seeing these techniques applied in a performance context is invaluable. It bridges the gap between isolated practice and real-world application, showing you how to use these techniques musically. Observing Tom Quayle's performance allows you to understand the nuances of timing, phrasing, and expression, which are crucial for mastering Greg Howe's style.

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By working through "Greg Howe - Tech Session" by Tom Quayle, you'll not only improve your technical abilities but also gain a deeper understanding of how to apply these techniques in a musical context. This session is an essential resource for any guitarist looking to master the intricate and expressive style of Greg Howe. Join us at and take your guitar playing to the next level!

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