Jam with Gary Moore - Guitar Lessons Overview

Welcome to Licklibrary.com's unique offering, the "Jam with Gary Moore" guitar tutorial series. Aimed at guitar enthusiasts, this series meticulously covers some of Gary Moore's most iconic tracks. In addition to detailed lessons, it includes backing tracks for each song, providing an immersive learning environment. This course is taught by Jamie Humphries.

Songs Included in This Course

  • Still Got The Blues
  • The Loner
  • Parisienne Walkways
  • Over The Hills And Far Away
  • Walking By Myself
  • Oh Pretty Woman
  • Empty Rooms

Detailed Song Analysis

Still Got The Blues

In "Still Got The Blues," guitarists delve into the art of emotive blues. The lesson spotlights Moore's renowned string bending and heartfelt vibrato, teaching you to create moving solos. It's an excellent resource for those seeking to grasp the subtleties of blues expression.

The Loner

"The Loner" explores Moore's exceptional melodic construction and wordless storytelling. The tutorial focuses on his sophisticated phrasing and bending techniques, offering invaluable lessons in crafting a musical narrative with the guitar.

Parisienne Walkways

This song captures Moore's fusion of blues and rock elements. The lesson dissects his iconic sustained notes and masterful vibrato use, helping learners understand the art of maintaining musical tension and genre-blending.

Over The Hills And Far Away

Focusing on Moore's rock prowess, "Over The Hills And Far Away" is a primer in fast alternate picking and vibrant riffing. It's designed for guitarists looking to enhance their speed and rock playing clarity.

Walking By Myself

This blues-rock staple covers the essentials of rhythm and groove. The lesson emphasizes the importance of syncopation and integrating simple lines into a compelling rhythm, crucial for any aspiring blues guitarist.

Oh Pretty Woman

"Pretty Woman" is a lesson in dynamic blues-rock. It focuses on Moore's robust riffing and the fluid transition from rhythm to lead playing, ideal for those aiming to master versatile roles within a band.

Empty Rooms

"Empty Rooms" offers a glimpse into Moore's introspective and emotive style. The lesson is centered around expressing feelings through dynamics and nuanced phrasing, perfect for guitarists who want to connect more deeply with their audience.

Benefits of Backing Tracks

Utilizing backing tracks in practice is crucial for developing timing, improvisational skills, and song structure familiarity. They simulate a live band experience, preparing guitarists for real-world performances and jam sessions.

Gary Moore's Guitar Technique

Moore's playing is a harmonious blend of intense blues and hard rock. Known for his soul-stirring vibrato, heartfelt bends, and smooth legato, his style is a lesson in combining technical skill with profound emotional depth, enhancing both technical and expressive playing aspects.

Featured Guitar Techniques

"Jam with Gary Moore" is more than just learning songs; it's about imbibing the essence of a legendary guitarist. This series is a comprehensive resource for guitarists striving to elevate their musical journey.

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