John Petrucci - Tech Session by Nick Jennison

Welcome to's comprehensive guitar lessons featuring the legendary John Petrucci's intricate techniques. In "John Petrucci - Tech Session" by Nick Jennison, you'll dive deep into the essentials of Petrucci’s style, focusing on rhythm parts, lead parts, gear overview, and performance. These lessons are meticulously crafted to elevate your playing, whether you're a budding guitarist or a seasoned player looking to refine your skills.

Rhythm Parts

The rhythm sections of John Petrucci's playing are renowned for their complexity and precision. In these lessons, Nick Jennison dissects Petrucci's approach to rhythm guitar, breaking down the following techniques:

Power Chords and Palm Muting

Petrucci's use of power chords combined with palm muting creates a powerful, tight sound. Learning these techniques will enhance your control and ability to maintain rhythmic stability in your playing.

Syncopated Rhythms

Syncopated rhythms are a hallmark of Petrucci's style. These off-beat accents provide a dynamic and engaging feel to your music, making your rhythm playing more interesting and complex.

Galloping Rhythms

The iconic galloping rhythms add an aggressive, driving force to Petrucci’s compositions. Mastering this technique will give you the ability to inject high energy into your playing, suitable for both metal and progressive rock genres.

Lead Parts

Nick Jennison takes you through the signature lead techniques that make John Petrucci's solos stand out. Here’s a breakdown of what you’ll learn:

Alternate Picking and Legato

Alternate picking and legato are essential for executing Petrucci’s fast, fluid solos. Alternate picking allows for precise, rapid note articulation, while legato gives a smooth, connected feel to your lines.

Sweep Picking and Arpeggios

Sweep picking and arpeggios are crucial for playing Petrucci’s intricate solos. Sweep picking enables you to play arpeggios at high speeds, creating a cascading effect that’s both impressive and musically rich.

Pinched Harmonics and Vibrato

Pinched harmonics add a sharp, squealing tone to your notes, a staple in Petrucci’s lead work. Coupled with expressive vibrato, these techniques will make your solos more expressive and dynamic.

Two-Handed Tapping

Two-handed tapping is a technique that Petrucci uses to achieve rapid note sequences and wide interval jumps. This technique opens up new melodic possibilities and adds a visually striking element to your playing.

Gear Overview

Understanding John Petrucci’s gear is essential for replicating his sound. Nick Jennison provides an in-depth overview of Petrucci’s equipment, including his signature guitars, amplifiers, and effects. This section covers:


A look at Petrucci’s signature models, detailing their unique features and why they suit his playing style.

Amplifiers and Effects

An exploration of Petrucci’s amp settings and effects pedals, showing you how to achieve his distinctive tones.

Signal Chain

Jennison explains the signal chain setup used by Petrucci, offering insights into how to arrange your gear for optimal sound.


Seeing techniques in a performance context is invaluable for understanding their application and musicality. Nick Jennison includes performance segments where he demonstrates these techniques in real musical scenarios. This approach helps you see how to integrate these techniques seamlessly into your own playing, providing a practical perspective that goes beyond isolated practice.

Technique List

These lessons from "John Petrucci - Tech Session" by Nick Jennison are designed to enhance your playing by teaching you the techniques that define Petrucci’s style. Whether you're focusing on rhythm or lead parts, understanding gear, or watching performance demonstrations, this course provides a comprehensive learning experience that will significantly boost your guitar skills.

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