Learn to Play 20 Killer Metal Riffs

Andy James is going to help you unleash your inner rockstar with Licklibrary's ultimate course: "Learn to Play 20 Killer Metal Riffs". From the pioneers of metal to the modern heroes, we bring you comprehensive, note-for-note guitar lessons on some of the most iconic metal songs. Perfect for any level, whether you're a beginner getting started or an experienced shredder looking to refine your skills.

Walk by Pantera

Dive into the world of groovy metal with Pantera's legendary track, Walk. One of Dimebag Darrell's finest works, this song revolves around a four-note chromatic riff. Darrell applies power chords and palm muting techniques to create a catchy and powerful rhythm. The solo is a playground of whammy bar tricks, pinched harmonics and bluesy slides that personify Darrell's unique and aggressive style.

Symphony of Destruction by Megadeth

Dive into the melodic thrash metal world with Dave Mustaine's Symphony of Destruction. This Megadeth classic uses a distinct power chord progression in the E minor scale. Mustaine is a master of integrating alternate picking and arpeggios in his solos. His melodic approach to the E minor scale during the solo section gives this song its unique blend of aggression and melody.

Sad But True by Metallica

Indulge in the rich, heavy tones of Metallica's Sad But True. This song, a gem from the Black Album, features James Hetfield's signature down-tuned power chords. Hetfield employs palm muting to create a tight, heavy rhythm section. Kirk Hammett's solo focuses on the E minor pentatonic scale with an effective use of vibrato, slides, and double-stop bends.

Cochise by Audioslave

Tom Morello, with his innovative guitar techniques, takes center stage in Cochise by Audioslave. The song begins with a killer feedback riff manipulated with a whammy bar, creating a helicopter-like effect. The solo, full of Morello's signature two-handed tapping, uses an octave pedal to add depth and complexity.

Iron Man by Black Sabbath

Embrace the roots of heavy metal with Black Sabbath's Iron Man. This timeless classic showcases Tony Iommi's pioneering approach to heavy guitar riffs. The main riff is a series of power chords built around the blues scale. Iommi's solo beautifully exploits pull-offs, hammer-ons, and legato to create a melodic masterpiece.

...And many more!

Every song in this course is a step into the mind of the lead guitarist, exploring their unique contribution to the music. Learn their signature techniques, understand their use of scales, and discover the creative process behind some of the most iconic solos in metal history.

Techniques Used

Throughout the course, you'll delve into a variety of guitar techniques used by the legends themselves:

Ready to embrace your journey towards mastering the metal genre? Let's get shredding with "Learn to Play 20 Killer Metal Riffs"!

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