Learn to Play Alter Bridge

Unleash your guitar-playing potential with the new "Learn to Play Alter Bridge" from LickLibrary tutor Andy James. This comprehensive course will guide you, note for note, through some of the most iconic tracks by Alter Bridge, allowing you to delve into the masterful guitar work of Mark Tremonti.

Mark Tremonti is not only a founding member of Alter Bridge, but also their lead guitarist and primary songwriter. His intricate melodies, paired with powerful chord progressions, form a unique style that merges metal with melodic hard rock. The following songs from this course showcase his incredible range as a musician.

Ties That Bind

"Ties That Bind" opens with a distinctive palm-muted riff that quickly transitions into a powerful power-chord progression. The song employs the Mixolydian mode, a scale known for its powerful, dominant sound. Tremonti's solo in this song is a quintessential example of alternate picking, and is a masterclass in playing arpeggios and navigating chord progressions.


"Isolation" is built around a heavy and aggressive riff that incorporates palm-muting. This song is a great study in the use of Phrygian Dominant scale, giving it a dark, exotic sound. The solo is saturated with Tremonti's unique style of legato playing and finishes with a fast, alternate picked run.

Broken Wings

"Broken Wings" is a beautiful ballad that features arpeggiated chord progressions in the verses and a heavy, driving chorus that makes use of power chords. The Dorian mode provides a melancholic atmosphere, while the solo is a mix of melodic phrases and quick licks, utilizing techniques such as slides and hammer-ons.


The epic "Blackbird" shows Tremonti's compositional prowess, with intricate arpeggiated chord progressions and memorable melodies. Played in the key of G major, the song features a myriad of guitar techniques, including slides, pull-offs, and hammer-ons. The solo is an emotive journey filled with vibrato, sustained notes, and soaring bends.

Ghost of Days

"Ghost of Days" combines complex chord progressions with melodic solos. The song is a study in E minor and showcases Tremonti's proficiency in seamlessly transitioning between rhythm and lead playing. Techniques such as double-stops and vibrato are used extensively throughout the song.

In the "Learn to Play Alter Bridge" course, you will not only be taught how to play these songs, but also understand the scales and techniques employed by Mark Tremonti. His contribution to the unique sound of Alter Bridge is undeniably significant, combining his understanding of music theory with an incredibly versatile set of techniques to create music that is technically impressive, yet profoundly emotive.

Techniques in this Course

List of guitar techniques used throughout these lessons:

  1. Vibrato
  2. Alternate picking
  3. Legato
  4. Palm-muting
  5. Power chords
  6. Slides
  7. Hammer-ons
  8. Pull-offs
  9. Double-stops
  10. Chord progressions
  11. Arpeggiated chord progressions

"Learn to Play Alter Bridge" offers a comprehensive approach to understanding and replicating the unique sound of Alter Bridge, providing in-depth lessons that allow you to grasp each technique and theory used by Mark Tremonti. Take your guitar playing to the next level and understand the depth of Alter Bridge's music through this insightful course.

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