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Welcome to "Martin Goulding - Modern Rock Techniques," an in-depth guitar lesson series designed to elevate your guitar playing to the next level. Martin Goulding, a renowned guitarist and educator, brings his expertise to with this comprehensive course that covers essential modern rock techniques. Whether you're looking to master solos, improve your legato technique, or integrate sweeping and tapping, this course has something for every aspiring rock guitarist.

Hard Rocker Solo

The "Hard Rocker Solo" lesson focuses on constructing a powerful, expressive solo typical of the hard rock genre. Martin Goulding breaks down the solo into manageable sections, teaching you how to combine different techniques to create a dynamic performance. This lesson emphasises the use of vibrato and alternate picking, enhancing your ability to articulate notes with precision and emotion. Learning this solo will improve your overall phrasing and timing, essential skills for any guitarist.

Legato Technique

Legato playing is essential for smooth, flowing guitar lines. In this lesson, Martin demonstrates how to execute seamless legato runs using hammer-ons, pull-offs, and slides. This technique allows you to play fast passages effortlessly, making your solos sound fluid and professional. Developing a strong legato technique is crucial for modern rock guitarists looking to play with speed and accuracy.


Sextuplets are six notes played within the span of a single beat, creating a rapid and intricate sound. This lesson teaches you how to incorporate sextuplets into your playing, enhancing your speed and technical prowess. Martin covers various fingerings and picking patterns to ensure you can execute sextuplets cleanly and efficiently, adding a new dimension to your solos and improvisations.

Sextuplets with Tapping

Building on the previous lesson, "Sextuplets with Tapping" introduces two-handed tapping to the mix. This technique combines sextuplets with tapping, allowing you to play even faster and more complex lines. Martin demonstrates how to coordinate both hands to achieve a smooth, synchronised sound, making your solos stand out with impressive speed and technicality.

Developing Full-Roll Quintuplet Legato Runs

This lesson focuses on playing quintuplets—five notes per beat—using the legato technique. Martin shows you how to develop full-roll quintuplet legato runs, which are essential for creating intricate and unique solos. By mastering these runs, you'll gain greater control over your finger strength and dexterity, enabling you to execute complex passages with ease.

Full Roller Solo

The "Full Roller Solo" lesson combines all the techniques learned so far into a cohesive, expressive solo. Martin breaks down the solo into sections, explaining the use of sweeping, legato, and tapping techniques. This lesson helps you understand how to integrate various techniques into a musical context, improving your soloing skills and overall musicality.

2 String Horizontal Study

Focusing on horizontal movement across the fretboard, this lesson teaches you how to play scales and arpeggios on two strings. Martin explains the importance of slides and position shifts, which are essential for fluid, melodic playing. This study will improve your ability to move seamlessly across the fretboard, enhancing your improvisational skills and musical expression.

Moving Through Positions Using Slides

Slides are a vital technique for transitioning between positions on the fretboard. This lesson covers how to use slides to move through different positions smoothly. Martin demonstrates various slide patterns and exercises, helping you connect different parts of the fretboard and improve your overall fretboard knowledge.

Integrating Sweeping & Left Hand Tapping Techniques

In this lesson, Martin shows you how to combine sweeping and left-hand tapping techniques to create intricate, fast passages. This integration allows you to play extended arpeggios and complex lines with ease. By mastering these techniques, you'll be able to add a new level of sophistication and speed to your playing.

Integrating Sweeping & Left and Right Hand Tapping Techniques

Taking the previous lesson further, this one adds right-hand tapping into the mix. Martin teaches you how to coordinate both hands to execute complex patterns that incorporate sweeping and tapping. This technique opens up new possibilities for playing extended arpeggios and fast runs, making your solos more dynamic and impressive.

Sweeping & Tapping Techniques Applied to Extended Arpeggios Part 1

This lesson focuses on applying sweeping and tapping techniques to extended arpeggios. Martin breaks down complex arpeggio shapes and shows you how to play them using a combination of sweeping and tapping. This approach allows you to play arpeggios across multiple octaves, enhancing your soloing capabilities and technical proficiency.

Sweeping & Tapping Techniques Applied to Extended Arpeggios Part 2

Continuing from the previous lesson, this part delves deeper into extended arpeggios, exploring more advanced shapes and patterns. Martin provides detailed explanations and exercises to help you master these challenging arpeggios. By the end of this lesson, you'll have a comprehensive understanding of how to use sweeping and tapping to play extended arpeggios effortlessly.

Performance by the Tutor

Seeing Martin Goulding perform these techniques in a live context is invaluable. Watching a skilled guitarist apply these techniques in real-time helps you understand how to integrate them into your playing. It also provides inspiration and insight into the musicality and expression behind each technique. Martin's performances demonstrate the practical application of these skills, showing you how to use them creatively in your solos and compositions.

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Join Martin Goulding in "Modern Rock Techniques" to enhance your guitar skills and take your playing to new heights. This comprehensive course offers detailed lessons and performances that will inspire and challenge you, making it an essential addition to your guitar learning journey.

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