Paul Gilbert - Tech Session by Sam Bell

Welcome to the "Paul Gilbert - Tech Session" by Sam Bell, an exciting and comprehensive set of guitar lessons designed for aspiring guitarists who want to master the techniques of legendary guitarist Paul Gilbert. This session focuses on both detailed lessons and captivating performances, providing a holistic learning experience. Below, we delve into the specific techniques covered in this session and the benefits of learning them, as well as the value of observing these techniques in a live performance context.

Lesson Breakdown

Alternate Picking

Description: Alternate picking is a fundamental guitar technique involving the alternation of downstrokes and upstrokes. This technique is essential for achieving speed and precision in guitar playing.

Benefits: Mastering alternate picking improves your ability to play fast, intricate passages with accuracy. It is a critical skill for any guitarist looking to enhance their technical proficiency and versatility across various musical genres.


Description: Legato playing involves producing smooth, flowing notes by using hammer-ons and pull-offs rather than picking each note individually. This technique creates a seamless and fluid sound.

Benefits: Learning legato will help you develop a more expressive and connected style of playing. It also reduces the physical strain on your picking hand, allowing for faster and more effortless playing.

Tapped Harmonics

Description: Tapped harmonics are produced by tapping the fretboard at specific points, creating bell-like, ringing tones. This technique is often used to add a unique and ethereal quality to solos.

Benefits: Incorporating tapped harmonics into your playing can add a layer of sophistication and creativity. It expands your tonal palette and enhances your ability to create dynamic and interesting soundscapes.

String Bending

Description: String bending involves pushing or pulling a string across the fretboard to change its pitch. This technique is widely used to add emotional expression to solos.

Benefits: Mastering string bending allows you to add vocal-like qualities to your playing, making your solos more expressive and engaging. It is a key technique for conveying emotion and intensity in your music.

Sweep Picking

Description: Sweep picking is a technique where the pick is swept across multiple strings in a single, fluid motion, often used for playing fast arpeggios.

Benefits: Sweep picking enables you to play complex arpeggios with speed and precision. It is an essential skill for any guitarist looking to explore advanced soloing techniques and expand their technical repertoire.

Performance Context

Seeing these techniques in a performance context is invaluable for several reasons. Firstly, it allows you to observe how these techniques are applied in real musical scenarios, providing a practical understanding of their use. Secondly, watching a skilled guitarist like Sam Bell perform helps you grasp the nuances of each technique, such as the subtle variations in timing and dynamics that make them sound natural and musical. Finally, experiencing the energy and emotion of a live performance can be incredibly inspiring, motivating you to practice and perfect these techniques in your own playing.

Guitar Techniques Used

By integrating these techniques into your practice, you will develop a more diverse and advanced skill set. This session is not just about learning individual techniques but about understanding how they come together to create expressive and powerful guitar playing. So grab your guitar, and let’s dive into the world of Paul Gilbert with the expert guidance of Sam Bell.

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Sam Bell

Sam Bell has been playing guitar from the age of 4, since then he has played many styles from Funky Blues to screaming Metal/Fusion on 8 string guitar. A member of UK tech metal band ‘Mask of Judas’, he is also currently writing his own solo instrumental album. He also...

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