Quick Licks - BB King: Mastering the Blues Guitar Legend's Techniques

"Quick Licks - BB King" is a comprehensive guitar lesson series by Stuart Bull is designed to help guitarists emulate the iconic style of BB King, one of the greatest blues musicians of all time. This course specifically focuses on techniques like Vibrato, Mixing Major and Minor Pentatonics, Blues Phrasing, and Leaving Space in Solos. Accompanied by backing tracks, these lessons provide an enriching practice experience.

What You Will Learn In This Course

35 killer blues licks in the style of BB King. This course also includes a backing track to play over. The techniques you will learn include:

  • Vibrato
  • Mixing Major and Minor Pentatonics
  • Blues Phrasing
  • Leaving Space in Solos

Technique Breakdown

Vibrato: The Heartbeat of BB King's Sound

BB King's vibrato is legendary for its expressiveness and depth. This technique, which involves subtly vibrating a note back and forth to create a warm, pulsating sound, is a cornerstone of King's emotional playing style. Our lessons break down the nuances of his vibrato, teaching you how to infuse your playing with the same soulful feel.

Mixing Major and Minor Pentatonics: The Blues Tonal Palette

One of the hallmarks of BB King's playing is his ability to seamlessly blend major and minor pentatonic scales. This approach gives his music a unique tonal quality, mixing a sweet, melodic sound with a bluesy edge. You'll learn how to combine these scales to add depth and complexity to your blues solos.

Blues Phrasing: Speaking Through the Guitar

BB King's phrasing in his solos is akin to a conversational language. It's all about telling a story with your instrument. These lessons will guide you through his phrasing techniques, teaching you how to express emotions and narratives through your guitar, just as King did in songs like "The Thrill Is Gone."

Leaving Space in Solos: The Art of Restraint

"Quick Licks - BB King" also emphasizes the importance of leaving space in solos. King was a master of restraint, knowing when not to play was just as important as the notes he chose. You'll learn to utilize silence effectively, creating a more impactful and expressive solo.

Practicing with a Backing Track: Enhancing Musicality

Practicing with a backing track isn't just about playing the right notes; it's about playing them in the right way. This approach helps you understand how your playing fits within the context of a band, improving your timing, rhythm, and ability to interact musically with others.

BB King's Guitar Style

BB King's guitar style is a blend of storytelling, emotion, and technical mastery. By studying his techniques, guitarists can not only learn to play the blues more authentically but also gain a deeper appreciation for the emotional power of music.

Benefits of Learning These Techniques

  • Develop a soulful and expressive vibrato.
  • Learn to blend major and minor pentatonic scales for a rich blues sound.
  • Enhance your storytelling ability through blues phrasing.
  • Understand the power of restraint and space in solos.

Guitar Techniques Used in "Quick Licks - BB King"

"Quick Licks - BB King" is an essential course for any guitarist looking to delve into the blues genre and capture the essence of BB King's timeless style. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced player, these lessons offer valuable insights into the techniques and musical philosophy of a blues legend.

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