Quick Licks - Ritchie Blackmore: Channeling the Spirit of Rock Guitar

"Quick Licks - Ritchie Blackmore" is an immersive guitar tutorial series crafted by Danny Gill for guitarists aiming to absorb the classic rock guitar style of the legendary Ritchie Blackmore. Known for his groundbreaking work with Deep Purple and Rainbow, Blackmore's guitar playing is a fusion of technical skill, unique tonality, and musical creativity. This series hones in on critical techniques including legato, vibrato, string bending, and rock guitar soloing. Each lesson not only teaches these techniques but also captures the essence of Blackmore's influential style.

What You Will Learn In This Course

35 killer rock licks in the style of Richie Blackmore. This course also includes a backing track to play over. The techniques you will learn include:

  • Legato
  • Vibrato
  • String Bending
  • Rock Guitar Soloing

Technique Breakdown

Legato: Fluidity and Expression

Ritchie Blackmore’s legato playing is marked by its smooth, flowing quality, a key feature of his soloing technique. These lessons focus on developing strong legato skills, employing hammer-ons, pull-offs, and slides to create seamless lines. You'll learn to play with minimal picking, letting your fingers do the work to produce fluid, connected notes, adding elegance and fluidity to your solos.

Vibrato: Bringing Notes to Life

Vibrato is an essential tool in Blackmore’s arsenal, used to add expressiveness and sustain to notes. This series teaches the art of vibrato, focusing on its subtleties, such as the depth, speed, and control that define Blackmore’s style. You’ll learn how to make each note sing, using vibrato to bring life and emotion to your solos.

String Bending: Emotional Depth in Solos

String bending is a technique where Blackmore excelled, often using it to add emotional depth to his solos. These lessons will guide you through mastering the art of bending strings, from subtle half-step bends to dramatic, soaring whole-step bends. You'll learn to use string bending as a powerful tool for expressiveness, adding a vocal-like quality to your guitar playing.

Rock Guitar Soloing: Unleashing Creativity

Ritchie Blackmore's rock guitar soloing is characterized by its inventiveness, combining scales, modes, and arpeggios. This part of the series breaks down how Blackmore crafted his memorable solos, teaching you to blend technical skills with creativity. You'll learn how to construct solos that are not only technically impressive but also musically rich and engaging.

Practicing Over a Backing Track: Applying Techniques Musically

Each technique is practiced over a backing track, providing essential context for your learning. This approach helps you understand how these licks and techniques fit within a song, enhancing your timing, rhythm, and improvisational skills. Playing with backing tracks is crucial for learning how to apply these techniques in a musical and cohesive way.

Ritchie Blackmore’s Guitar Style

Ritchie Blackmore’s guitar style is an amalgamation of hard rock, classical, and blues influences, making him one of the most versatile and skilled guitarists in rock history. His playing is noted for its precision, speed, and melodic sense. Studying his style provides valuable insights into integrating technical skills with expressive, musical playing.

The Benefits of Learning These Techniques

By mastering these techniques, you will:

  • Develop smooth and expressive legato playing.
  • Enhance your solos with controlled and emotive vibrato.
  • Gain the ability to add depth to your playing with string bending.
  • Learn the art of crafting creative and engaging rock guitar solos.

Guitar Techniques Used in "Quick Licks - Ritchie Blackmore"

Upon completing "Quick Licks - Ritchie Blackmore," your skills will be enhanced in the following techniques:

"Quick Licks - Ritchie Blackmore" is an essential course for any guitarist looking to master the classic rock guitar style. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced player, these lessons offer a comprehensive guide to emulating the style of one of rock’s most revered guitarists.

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