Sam Bell - Extreme Shredding

Welcome to "Sam Bell - Extreme Shredding," a comprehensive guitar lesson series from that brings the explosive power of extreme shredding to your fingertips. Led by the renowned guitarist Sam Bell, these lessons are meticulously crafted to enhance your technique, speed, and overall musicality. Dive into the world of intense guitar playing and unlock new levels of proficiency with Sam Bell as your guide.

Mastering Extreme Shredding Techniques

Alternate Picking

Alternate picking is a fundamental technique for achieving speed and precision. By alternating down and up strokes, you can play notes more fluidly and quickly. Sam Bell's lessons emphasise the importance of efficient hand movements and synchronisation between both hands, enabling you to play complex passages effortlessly.


Legato playing, involving smooth transitions between notes using hammer-ons and pull-offs, is key to creating a fluid sound. Sam's approach to legato will help you minimise pick usage, resulting in seamless, rapid note sequences. This technique is essential for maintaining speed without compromising on sound quality.

Two-Handed Tapping

Two-handed tapping expands your playing range and adds a dramatic flair to solos. Sam Bell breaks down this technique into easy-to-follow steps, allowing you to incorporate fast, intricate tapping patterns into your repertoire. This technique opens up new melodic possibilities and can make your solos stand out.

Sweep Picking

Sweep picking allows you to play arpeggios at lightning speed by using a sweeping motion across the strings. Sam's lessons on sweep picking focus on developing the control and accuracy needed to execute this technique cleanly, which is crucial for creating those rapid-fire, cascading note sequences.

Pinched Harmonics

Pinched harmonics add a high-pitched, squealing sound to your playing. Sam demonstrates how to achieve these harmonics by adjusting your picking technique, providing that signature screaming guitar tone that is a staple in extreme shredding.

String Bending

String bending is essential for adding expression to your solos. Sam Bell teaches you how to execute precise bends, including unison and double-stop bends, to add emotion and dynamics to your playing. Mastering string bending will give your solos a vocal-like quality.


Trills, rapid alternation between two adjacent notes, are a great way to add intensity to your playing. Sam's guidance on trills will help you build finger strength and speed, making your solos more dynamic and engaging.


Vibrato adds character and sustain to notes. Sam Bell emphasises the importance of controlled vibrato to enhance the expressiveness of your playing. This technique is crucial for adding emotion and depth to your solos.

Tremolo Picking

Tremolo picking involves rapid picking on a single note or string. Sam's lessons will help you develop the speed and endurance required for this technique, enabling you to create dramatic, sustained passages in your solos.


Using harmonics, both natural and tapped, can create unique, bell-like tones. Sam Bell demonstrates how to effectively incorporate harmonics into your playing to add texture and variety to your solos.

Performance Context

Seeing techniques in a performance context is invaluable for understanding how they fit into actual music. Sam Bell's performance pieces in these lessons provide real-world applications of extreme shredding techniques. Watching Sam perform allows you to see the fluid integration of techniques, helping you understand timing, dynamics, and how to transition smoothly between different methods. It’s one thing to practice a technique in isolation, but seeing it in a full musical context shows how it can be used creatively and effectively.

Benefits of Learning Extreme Shredding

  1. Improved Speed and Precision: Mastering these techniques will significantly enhance your ability to play fast, intricate passages with accuracy.
  2. Expanded Musical Vocabulary: Learning a variety of shredding techniques provides you with a wide array of tools to express yourself musically.
  3. Enhanced Musicality: By incorporating these advanced techniques, your playing will become more dynamic and expressive, allowing you to convey more emotion and intensity.
  4. Increased Finger Strength and Coordination: These lessons will help develop the physical attributes needed for advanced guitar playing, making other styles and techniques easier to learn.

Guitar Techniques Covered

By mastering the techniques in "Sam Bell - Extreme Shredding," you’ll elevate your guitar playing to new heights, gaining the skills and confidence to perform with power and precision. Join Sam Bell and to embark on your journey to extreme shredding mastery.

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