Tom Petty - Tech Session by Jamie Humphries


Welcome to the "Tom Petty - Tech Session" by Jamie Humphries, exclusively on This comprehensive guitar lesson series offers note-for-note guidance to help you master the techniques and nuances of Tom Petty's distinctive style. The session is divided into two detailed lessons and a performance segment, each meticulously crafted to enhance your guitar skills.

Lesson Part 1

In Lesson Part 1, Jamie Humphries dives into the core elements of Tom Petty's guitar playing. This section is designed to break down the fundamental techniques that define Petty's sound.

Techniques Covered:

  • Chord Progressions: Understanding the chord structures commonly used by Tom Petty helps you create the harmonic foundation typical of his music.
  • String Bending: Essential for adding expressiveness to your playing, string bending techniques emulate Petty's vocal-like guitar phrasing.
  • Slides: This technique aids in achieving smooth transitions between notes, a hallmark of Petty's melodic lines.
  • Hammer-ons and Pull-offs: These legato techniques are crucial for creating fluid, fast-paced runs in your solos.


Mastering these techniques will enable you to recreate the authentic sound of Tom Petty's music. Understanding chord progressions and string bending, in particular, will add depth to your playing, allowing you to convey emotion and dynamics effectively.

Lesson Part 2

Lesson Part 2 builds upon the foundations laid in the first lesson, introducing more advanced techniques and complex passages from Tom Petty's repertoire.

Techniques Covered:

  • Alternate Picking: Enhances your ability to play fast, precise notes, critical for executing Petty's intricate solos.
  • Palm Muting: Essential for controlling sustain and creating rhythmic interest, palm muting adds texture to your playing.
  • Vibrato: This technique adds expressiveness and personality to your solos, making your notes sing like Petty's.
  • Barre Chords: Understanding and using barre chords effectively is key to navigating Petty's diverse song catalog.


These advanced techniques will not only improve your technical proficiency but also enhance your musical expression. Alternate picking and palm muting, for instance, are vital for playing with precision and control, while vibrato and barre chords will enrich your overall sound.


The Performance section features Jamie Humphries demonstrating the techniques in a live context. This segment is invaluable as it shows how the individual techniques come together in a cohesive performance.

Why Performance Context is Useful:

Watching the techniques applied in a performance setting allows you to see how they interact dynamically within a song. It provides a real-world example of timing, phrasing, and musicality, giving you a deeper understanding of how to integrate these skills into your own playing. Seeing Jamie perform also inspires confidence and offers a practical application of the lessons learned.

Guitar Techniques Covered

  1. Chord Progressions
  2. String Bending
  3. Slides
  4. Hammer-ons
  5. Pull-offs
  6. Alternate Picking
  7. Palm Muting
  8. Vibrato
  9. Barre Chords

By the end of this "Tom Petty - Tech Session," you will have a comprehensive understanding of the essential techniques that define Tom Petty's guitar style. Each lesson and the performance are crafted to ensure you gain practical, actionable skills that you can apply to your own playing. Join Jamie Humphries and elevate your guitar playing to new heights with these meticulously designed lessons.

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