Unlocking the Modern Guitarist's Arsenal: Exploring "51 Modern Legato Licks" by Tom Quayle

Tom Quayle's "51 Modern Legato Licks" is a comprehensive treasure trove designed to elevate guitarists into the realms of modern proficiency. With a meticulous focus on various techniques including Dorian, pentatonic, arpeggiated, string skipping, chromatic, melodic minor, and diminished licks, this collection isn't just a series of exercises; it's a gateway to mastery. Let's delve into the essence of each technique and why mastering them is crucial for any aspiring guitarist.

Dorian Licks

Dorian licks, with their characteristic minor quality and major sixth interval, add a touch of sophistication to your playing. By mastering Dorian licks, guitarists can effortlessly infuse their solos with a jazzy, modal flavour, expanding their tonal palette and versatility.

Pentatonic Licks

Pentatonic licks are the cornerstone of rock and blues guitar playing. By harnessing the power of the pentatonic scale, guitarists can effortlessly create soulful, emotive solos that captivate listeners. These licks provide a foundation for improvisation and serve as a springboard for developing your unique voice on the instrument.

Arpeggiated Licks

Arpeggiated licks unlock the harmonic richness of the guitar. By breaking chords into their individual notes and weaving them into melodic phrases, guitarists can create captivating lines that highlight the underlying chord changes. Mastery of arpeggiated licks enhances both soloing and rhythm playing, providing a deeper understanding of chord progressions and their melodic possibilities.

String Skipping Licks

String skipping licks inject a sense of excitement and unpredictability into your playing. By skipping over adjacent strings, guitarists can create angular, intervallic lines that defy convention and demand attention. These licks foster technical precision and expand the guitarist's fretboard awareness, opening up new avenues for creative expression.

Chromatic Licks

Chromatic licks are the spice of guitar playing, adding tension, colour, and intrigue to your solos. By incorporating chromatic passages, guitarists can create captivating lines that blur the boundaries between scales and add a touch of sophistication to their playing. Mastery of chromatic licks cultivates a refined ear for melody and harmony, elevating your playing to new heights.

Melodic Minor Licks

Melodic minor licks offer a gateway to exotic and enigmatic sounds. By delving into the melodic minor scale, guitarists can evoke a sense of mystery and intrigue in their solos. These licks introduce unique intervals and harmonic colours, expanding the guitarist's sonic palette and allowing for adventurous improvisation.

Diminished Licks

Diminished licks unleash a flurry of fiery and angular phrases. By harnessing the power of the diminished scale, guitarists can create tension-filled lines that demand attention. These licks foster technical agility and ear-training, challenging the guitarist to navigate complex harmonic terrain with confidence and flair.

Performance Context: Why It Matters

While learning techniques is essential, seeing them in a performance context brings them to life. Tom Quayle's performance of each lick provides invaluable insight into phrasing, dynamics, and expression. By observing a masterful guitarist in action, learners can absorb not just the mechanics of the lick, but also the nuances that make it truly musical. This holistic approach ensures that students not only master the techniques but also develop their musicality and artistry.

With Tom Quayle as your guide, you'll not only master these techniques but also discover your unique voice on the instrument.

Guitar Techniques Used

At the end of this course, you'll be familiar with a range of guitar techniques. Here's a list of some key techniques you'll learn, along with additional resources to explore them further:

By the end of "51 Modern Legato Licks," you'll have a thorough understanding of these techniques, allowing you to perform them confidently and creatively. Join us at LickLibrary to unlock your potential and bring new excitement to your guitar playing!

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