Guitar Aerobics Beginners at presents "Guitar Aerobics Beginners," a foundational course designed to guide new guitarists through their early stages of learning. This program by Danny Gill provides a well-structured, day-by-day regimen that builds a solid base in key guitar techniques. Tailored for individuals seeking to deepen their musical skills for personal enjoyment or to advance towards more complex guitar playing, this course serves as a thorough introduction to the instrument.

Scales: The Bedrock of Guitar Skill

Understanding and mastering scales is essential for any guitarist. The "Guitar Aerobics Beginners" course dives into scales with comprehensive lessons that teach pattern recognition and the theoretical aspects of musical scales. Learning scales is vital for navigating the fretboard, increasing finger speed, improvising solos, and developing a sharp musical ear. It’s the first step towards a flexible and adaptive guitar style.

Bending: Adding Emotion to Your Play

Bending strings is a technique that injects expression and soul into guitar music. This beginner's course breaks down the technique into understandable steps, enabling students to perform bends accurately and feel confident in their execution. Being proficient in bending is crucial for delivering the emotive quality that defines lead guitar segments, particularly in blues and rock music.

Sequences: Enhancing Finger Coordination

Guitar sequences involve playing scale patterns in specific, repetitive orders. In "Guitar Aerobics Beginners," students practice these sequences to improve their hand coordination and agility. These exercises are foundational for playing intricate riffs and solos smoothly and swiftly, setting the groundwork for more advanced guitar skills.

Picking Exercises: Developing Accuracy and Swiftness

Picking is fundamental to achieving clarity and articulation in guitar music. This course focuses on alternate picking among other techniques, with exercises designed to refine students’ precision and quicken their picking speed. Such skills are indispensable in styles that require rapid note transitions, like heavy metal and jazz.

Stretches: Promoting Finger Flexibility and Health

To enjoy playing guitar and avoid discomfort, it is important to keep the hands and fingers well-stretched and flexible. "Guitar Aerobics Beginners" emphasizes stretching exercises to prevent injuries and ensure that students can play comfortably for longer periods. Maintaining hand health is key to a long and rewarding journey in guitar playing.


"Guitar Aerobics Beginners" at is more than just a set of lessons; it's a comprehensive approach designed to spark lasting improvement and enthusiasm for guitar playing. Each session builds progressively, ensuring that students not only learn but truly understand each technique foundational to becoming a proficient guitarist.

List of Guitar Techniques Covered

Below is a detailed list of guitar techniques introduced in the "Guitar Aerobics Beginners" course. Explore further details on each technique through the links provided:

Embark on your guitar learning journey with "Guitar Aerobics Beginners" and build the essential skills needed to explore and master more advanced guitar techniques and music styles.

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