Jeff Loomis - Tech Session by Sam Bell

Welcome to the ultimate guitar lesson experience with "Jeff Loomis - Tech Session" by Sam Bell. This comprehensive tutorial is designed for guitar enthusiasts who aspire to master the intricate and powerful techniques of Jeff Loomis, one of the most influential guitarists in modern metal. Through detailed lessons and performance demonstrations, you will gain valuable insights into the playing style and techniques that define Loomis' unique sound.

Lesson Breakdown

Alternate Picking

Alternate picking is a fundamental technique that involves alternating down and up strokes with the pick. This method enhances your picking speed and precision, allowing you to play fast passages cleanly and efficiently. In this session, you will learn how to incorporate alternate picking into your solos and riffs, creating a smooth and fluid playing style.

Sweep Picking

Sweep picking is a technique used to play arpeggios at high speed by "sweeping" the pick across multiple strings in one continuous motion. This technique is essential for executing complex arpeggio shapes and achieving a fluid, seamless sound. By mastering sweep picking, you can add a virtuosic flair to your solos, making your playing more dynamic and expressive.

Two-Handed Tapping

Two-handed tapping is a technique where both hands are used to tap notes on the fretboard, allowing for rapid note sequences and extended range. This technique is perfect for creating fast, intricate licks and melodic lines. Learning two-handed tapping will enable you to play complex passages that are otherwise difficult to execute with traditional finger techniques.


Legato playing involves a smooth, connected style where notes are played with hammer-ons and pull-offs, minimising the use of the pick. This technique creates a flowing, lyrical sound that is essential for expressive solos. By mastering legato, you can achieve a more fluid and melodic approach to your playing, enhancing the emotional impact of your music.

Pinched Harmonics

Pinched harmonics produce high-pitched, squealing sounds by lightly touching the string with the thumb or edge of the pick while striking the note. This technique adds an aggressive, piercing quality to your playing, perfect for emphasising key notes in a riff or solo. Learning pinched harmonics will give your playing an edge and make your solos stand out.


Vibrato involves varying the pitch of a note by oscillating the fretting finger, adding depth and expression to your playing. This technique is crucial for adding personality and emotion to your solos. Mastering vibrato will allow you to convey more feeling and nuance in your music, making your playing more captivating.

Tapped Harmonics

Tapped harmonics involve tapping the fretboard at specific points to create bell-like harmonic tones. This advanced technique adds a shimmering, ethereal quality to your playing. By incorporating tapped harmonics, you can introduce unique textures and sounds to your solos, making your music more interesting and diverse.


The "Jeff Loomis - Tech Session" also includes performance segments where Sam Bell showcases the techniques in a musical context. Watching these performances is invaluable for several reasons:

  1. Contextual Learning: Seeing the techniques applied in real songs helps you understand how they fit into different musical scenarios, making it easier to integrate them into your own playing.
  2. Inspiration: Watching a skilled guitarist perform can be incredibly inspiring and motivating, pushing you to practice and improve your own skills.
  3. Technique Observation: Observing the subtleties of hand positioning, picking angles, and finger movements in a performance context can provide insights that are difficult to convey through verbal instruction alone.

Guitar Techniques Used

By delving into the "Jeff Loomis - Tech Session" by Sam Bell, you will not only master the techniques that make Jeff Loomis' playing so distinctive but also develop your own unique voice on the guitar. Whether you're aiming to play lightning-fast solos, intricate arpeggios, or expressive melodies, this session provides the tools and inspiration you need to elevate your guitar playing to new heights.

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