Jimi Hendrix - Tech Session by Nick Jennison

Welcome to the "Jimi Hendrix - Tech Session" by Nick Jennison, a comprehensive guitar lesson series available on Licklibrary.com. This series is designed to take you deep into the iconic techniques and styles of Jimi Hendrix, one of the greatest guitarists of all time. With detailed breakdowns and practical demonstrations, these lessons will help you master the distinctive sounds and skills that made Hendrix a legend. Let's explore each part of this incredible learning journey.

Lesson Part 1

In Lesson Part 1, Nick Jennison introduces you to the foundational techniques that underpin Jimi Hendrix's unique style. This section focuses on the following key techniques:

  • String Bending: Mastering string bending is crucial for replicating Hendrix's emotive playing style. By learning this technique, you'll be able to add expressive nuances to your solos, making your guitar sing with a vocal-like quality.
  • Vibrato: Hendrix's use of vibrato was legendary. This lesson will teach you how to execute smooth and controlled vibrato, enhancing the sustain and emotional impact of your notes.
  • Slides: Slides are essential for achieving the fluid, seamless transitions that are a hallmark of Hendrix's solos. By incorporating slides, you can create a more connected and dynamic sound.

Lesson Part 2

Lesson Part 2 delves deeper into Hendrix's advanced techniques, pushing your skills further with more challenging exercises. This section covers:

  • Hammer-ons and Pull-offs: These fundamental techniques are vital for achieving the smooth legato passages that Hendrix often employed. They help in creating fast, flowing runs without the need for constant picking.
  • Double Stops: Learn how to play two notes simultaneously, a technique frequently used by Hendrix to add harmony and depth to his solos and rhythm parts.
  • Chord Progressions: Understanding and applying Hendrix's innovative chord progressions will give your playing a more sophisticated and bluesy feel, characteristic of many Hendrix classics.

Lesson Part 3

In Lesson Part 3, Nick Jennison focuses on some of the more unique and signature techniques that defined Hendrix's playing. These include:

  • Whammy Bar Tricks: Hendrix was known for his creative use of the whammy bar to produce dive-bombs and other pitch-altering effects. This lesson will show you how to use the whammy bar to add a dramatic flair to your solos.
  • Trills: Trills are rapid alternations between two notes and are used by Hendrix to add excitement and intensity to his playing. Mastering trills can greatly enhance your dexterity and speed.
  • Tapped Harmonics: Learn how to produce those bell-like tones that Hendrix often incorporated into his solos for added texture and harmonic richness.


Seeing the techniques in a performance context is incredibly beneficial for learners. In this session, Nick Jennison performs a piece that showcases all the techniques covered in the lessons. This performance helps you understand how these techniques are applied in real musical scenarios, bridging the gap between practice and actual performance. Watching Nick play also provides inspiration and a clear example of how to seamlessly integrate these techniques into your own playing.

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By immersing yourself in the "Jimi Hendrix - Tech Session" by Nick Jennison, you'll gain a deep understanding of Hendrix's techniques and how to apply them in your own playing. Whether you're a beginner looking to build a strong foundation or an advanced player aiming to refine your skills, these lessons offer valuable insights and practical guidance to help you achieve your musical goals.

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