Larry Carlton - Tech Session by Tom Quayle


Welcome to the "Larry Carlton - Tech Session" by Tom Quayle, an in-depth guitar lesson series available on This series is designed to provide guitarists with a comprehensive understanding of Larry Carlton's unique playing style and techniques. The lessons are divided into four parts: Lesson Part 1, Lesson Part 2, Comping Lesson, and Performance. Each section focuses on specific techniques and concepts, ensuring a well-rounded learning experience. This course not only teaches you the techniques but also demonstrates how they are applied in a performance context, enhancing your practical understanding.

Lesson Part 1

In Lesson Part 1, Tom Quayle breaks down the fundamental techniques that define Larry Carlton's playing style. You will learn the basics of string bending, vibrato, and alternate picking.

String Bending

String bending involves pushing or pulling the string to change its pitch, creating expressive, vocal-like sounds. Mastering string bending is crucial for adding emotion and character to your solos.


Vibrato is the oscillation of pitch around a central note, adding richness and sustain to your playing. This technique is essential for creating a signature sound and is widely used in various musical genres.

Alternate Picking

Alternate picking involves using alternating down and up strokes with the pick, allowing for greater speed and efficiency. This technique is foundational for playing fast passages cleanly and accurately.

Lesson Part 2

Lesson Part 2 dives deeper into more advanced techniques such as legato, tapped harmonics, and double stop bends.


Legato playing involves smooth transitions between notes, primarily using hammer-ons and pull-offs. This technique helps in creating fluid, seamless lines and is a staple in fast, expressive playing.

Tapped Harmonics

Tapped harmonics produce bell-like tones by lightly tapping the string at specific fret positions. This technique adds a unique sonic texture to your playing, making your solos stand out.

Double Stop Bends

Double stop bends involve bending two strings simultaneously to different pitches. This technique is useful for creating rich, harmonic intervals and adds a layer of complexity to your solos.

Comping Lesson

The Comping Lesson focuses on the rhythmic and harmonic aspects of Larry Carlton's style, teaching you chord progressions, syncopated rhythms, and hybrid picking.

Chord Progressions

Understanding chord progressions is fundamental for creating compelling rhythm parts and backing tracks. This lesson covers various progression patterns used by Carlton to enhance your harmonic vocabulary.

Syncopated Rhythms

Syncopated rhythms involve placing accents on off-beats, creating a dynamic and engaging groove. Mastering syncopation is essential for playing rhythm parts that drive the music forward.

Hybrid Picking

Hybrid picking combines the use of a pick and fingers to play notes, offering greater flexibility and speed. This technique is particularly useful for playing complex chord and melody lines simultaneously.


The Performance section showcases Tom Quayle applying all the techniques in a musical context. Watching the tutor perform allows you to see how the techniques are used in real songs and solos, providing a practical understanding and inspiration.

Benefits of Performance Context

Seeing techniques in a performance context helps bridge the gap between practice and application. It demonstrates how to integrate various techniques seamlessly into your playing, making your solos and rhythm parts more musical and coherent. Additionally, it provides insight into phrasing, dynamics, and articulation, which are crucial for expressive playing.

Guitar Techniques Covered

By mastering these techniques through the "Larry Carlton - Tech Session" by Tom Quayle, you'll gain a deeper understanding of Larry Carlton's unique style and how to incorporate it into your own playing. Join us on and elevate your guitar skills to new heights!

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