Learn to Play Joe Satriani

At Licklibrary, we take pride in helping aspiring guitarists delve into the secrets of their favorite tracks. Our new course, taught by Andy James, "Learn to Play Joe Satriani", offers a unique opportunity for guitarists to learn note-for-note renditions of five of Satriani's most celebrated songs: "Surfing With The Alien", "Always With Me Always With You", "Circles", "Summer Song", and "Satch Boogie". Through these lessons, you can understand and replicate the nuances that give each song its distinct character.

Surfing With The Alien

"Surfing With The Alien" is the quintessential Joe Satriani track, combining rock and roll with Satriani's characteristic alien-sound effect. The song primarily uses the Mixolydian mode, which imparts a rock and roll vibe. The guitar solos in this track present a fascinating mixture of complex legato licks, rapid alternate picking, and whole-tone scale runs. Each solo is a case study in Satriani's ability to combine scales, arpeggios, and techniques to create memorable, singable solos.

Always With Me Always With You

The Grammy-nominated "Always With Me Always With You" is a perfect study of Satriani's lyrical, melodic playing. Set in the key of B major, this song gives you an opportunity to understand Satriani's use of the major scale and pentatonic scales. The solo section showcases Satriani's melodious guitar playing, filled with emotion-evoking bends and legato phrases. This track is an excellent example of Satriani's masterful control of dynamics, vibrato, and sustain.


"Circles" displays Satriani's uncanny ability to blend rock guitar techniques with classical music sensibilities. The song alternates between delicate arpeggiated chord progressions and aggressive, high-energy rock sections. The solos involve a fascinating mix of techniques such as sweep picking, two-handed tapping, and harmonics. The track is a testament to Satriani's broad musical range and his capacity to craft cohesive pieces from diverse elements.

Summer Song

"Summer Song" offers a feel-good vibe with its major scale based melodies and upbeat rhythm. Satriani's use of the Lydian mode adds an uplifting, joyous feel to the piece. The solos in this track utilize legato phrases, alternate picking, and tapped harmonics to deliver a high-energy experience. The song showcases Satriani's prowess in crafting memorable rock anthems.

Satch Boogie

"Satch Boogie" is a fast-paced, high-energy rock track that showcases Satriani's virtuosity and inventiveness. The song is a goldmine for guitarists looking to expand their repertoire of techniques. From legato runs to rapid-fire alternate picking, tapped harmonics to whammy bar tricks, this song has it all. The use of the blues scale adds an intriguing dimension to this otherwise rock-dominated track.

Joe Satriani – The Virtuoso

Joe Satriani is a name that's synonymous with virtuoso guitar playing. With a career spanning decades, Satriani has produced a discography of hits characterized by complex harmonies, melodic solos, and intricate guitar techniques. His contribution to these songs and to rock guitar in general cannot be overstated. Each track encapsulates his command over the guitar, his understanding of musical structures, and his creativity in fusing diverse elements into cohesive pieces of music.

Satriani's playing style is characterized by a combination of various guitar techniques, creating a unique sound that's both technical and melodic. His ability to seamlessly integrate these techniques into his music is a testament to his mastery of the instrument.

Guitar Techniques in "Learn to Play Joe Satriani"

In our "Learn to Play Joe Satriani" lessons, you'll encounter a range of guitar techniques that Satriani regularly uses in his playing. Some of these techniques include:

Through our detailed lessons, you'll not only learn to play these iconic Satriani tracks, but also develop a better understanding of how to use these techniques in your playing. Dive into the world of Joe Satriani with "Learn to Play Joe Satriani" and discover the secrets behind the master's playing style!

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