Learn to Play Slayer - A Comprehensive Guitar Lesson Series

Unleash the thunderous might of Slayer's guitar sections with our product "Learn to Play Slayer". This innovative guitar lesson series brought to you by Andy James, is meticulously crafted for those who wish to master the powerful, fast, and aggressive playing style that revolutionized thrash metal. Get ready to delve into the intricacies of some of Slayer's legendary tracks: South of Heaven, Angel of Death, Raining Blood, Seasons in the Abyss, and War Ensemble.

South of Heaven

South of Heaven departs from Slayer's traditional speed and introduces a slower, more melodic tempo. The song employs the D# standard tuning, which can be seen as a symbolic descent into darkness, mirroring the track's ominous lyrics. The eerie and slow intro makes extensive use of the E phrygian dominant scale, emphasizing the dissonant tritone interval, a hallmark of Slayer's sound.

The solo section features blistering alternate picking sequences, coupled with diatonic runs in the aforementioned scale. Pay close attention to the intricate trills and legato runs, as they accentuate the hauntingly melodic undertones of the solo.

Angel of Death

Angel of Death is a testament to Slayer's fast-paced and aggressive style. A study in chromaticism and power chords, the song's rapid riffing in the key of E flat minor creates a relentless and dark atmosphere. The solo, driven by the E flat minor scale, is a masterclass in tremolo picking and whammy bar tricks.

Watch out for Jeff Hanneman's signature use of chaotic dive bombs that add a layer of frenzy to the solo. There's also a section of syncopated rhythms that push the boundaries of thrash metal.

Raining Blood

Raining Blood, with its striking intro, is a lesson in dynamic guitar playing. The intro features an arpeggiated chord progression, which builds tension before giving way to the iconic main riff based on the E phrygian dominant scale.

The solo employs several techniques, including fast alternate picking, whammy bar tricks, and the eerie tapped harmonics. Understanding these elements will provide you with the tools to craft a menacing sonic landscape, just like Kerry King and Jeff Hanneman.

Seasons in the Abyss

Seasons in the Abyss showcases Slayer's ability to blend melodic elements with their characteristic heavy sound. The song explores the darker side of the C# minor scale, with the melodic, arpeggiated intro riff setting a foreboding tone. The main riff is a play on power chords and open-string riffs, creating a driving rhythm that propels the song.

The solos in this song demonstrate the effective use of scales, notably the C# minor pentatonic, to create a melodic yet aggressive vibe. Techniques like string bending and vibrato are essential to emulate the emotive nuances of these solos.

War Ensemble

War Ensemble is a full throttle thrash metal anthem, highlighting the band's aggressive rhythm playing and searing solos. The song uses E flat standard tuning and is heavily based on the E flat minor scale, using galloping rhythms and chromaticism in the riffing.

The soloing in this track is pure Slayer; fast alternate picking, string bending, and the liberal use of whammy bar tricks and dive bombs create an aural assault that embodies the chaos of war depicted in the lyrics.

Jeff Hanneman and His Contribution

Jeff Hanneman, Slayer's lead guitarist, was instrumental in shaping the band's sound. His innovative use of dissonant scales, chromaticism, alternate tunings, and a multitude of playing techniques created Slayer's signature sonic brutality. The "Learn to Play Slayer" series pays homage to Hanneman's style and aims to impart the skills necessary to replicate his unique approach to guitar playing.

Techniques Used in These Lessons

Join us on this exciting journey into the heart of thrash metal guitar playing. Embark on the "Learn to Play Slayer" lesson series today and add a new level of technical proficiency and musical depth to your playing.

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