Quick Licks - Eric Clapton: Embracing the Blues Guitar Essence

"Quick Licks - Eric Clapton" is an in-depth guitar lesson series taught by Michael Casswell that is tailored for those looking to capture the essence of Eric Clapton's legendary guitar style. Clapton, known as "Slowhand," is celebrated for his profound impact on blues and rock guitar. This series dives into essential techniques such as string bending, blues licks, vibrato, and slides, each a cornerstone of Clapton’s emotive and expressive guitar playing.

What You Will Learn In This Course

35 killer blues licks in the style of Eric Clapton. This course also includes a backing track to play over. The techniques you will learn include:

  • String Bending
  • Blues Licks
  • Vibrato
  • Slides

Technique Breakdown

String Bending: The Soul of Clapton's Solos

Eric Clapton's string bending is renowned for its expressiveness and tone. These lessons focus on mastering the art of bending strings to different pitches, a technique Clapton uses to infuse his solos with a vocal-like quality. You'll learn how to control your bends for maximum emotional impact, an essential skill for any aspiring blues guitarist.

Blues Licks: Capturing the Clapton Signature

The heart of Clapton's playing lies in his blues licks, which blend traditional blues with rock energy. This series teaches a variety of these licks, each showcasing Clapton’s approach to building solos and riffs. You’ll learn how to use blues scales, phrasing, and dynamics to create solos that resonate with Clapton’s signature style.

Vibrato: Adding Depth to Each Note

Vibrato is another key element in Clapton’s style, used to sustain and embellish notes. This part of the series guides you in developing a controlled and expressive vibrato, similar to Clapton’s, which adds depth and emotion to your playing. You’ll explore different vibrato techniques, including the speed and width variations that give Clapton’s playing its singing quality.

Slides: Smooth Transitions and Expressive Flair

Slides are a frequent feature in Clapton’s playing, often used to transition between notes and add a smooth, legato feel to his solos. These lessons will teach you how to effectively use slides to connect notes and phrases, adding a fluid and expressive quality to your playing, much like Clapton’s effortless glide across the fretboard.

Practicing Over a Backing Track: Real-World Application

Including backing tracks in practice is crucial for applying these techniques in a musical context. This aspect of the lessons enhances your ability to integrate licks and techniques within a song structure, improving your timing, rhythm, and improvisational skills. Practicing with backing tracks mimics a live band experience, preparing you for performances and jams.

Eric Clapton’s Guitar Style

Eric Clapton’s guitar style is a blend of blues soulfulness and rock energy, marked by its melodic phrasing, tonal clarity, and emotional depth. His playing crosses over various genres, from the blues-driven sound of John Mayall's Bluesbreakers and Cream to the more mellow and soulful melodies of his solo career. Learning Clapton’s style offers insights into the versatility and emotional expression essential in blues and rock guitar.

The Benefits of Learning These Techniques

By mastering these techniques, you will:

  • Develop expressive string bending skills.
  • Learn to craft impactful blues licks.
  • Enhance your playing with nuanced vibrato.
  • Utilize slides for smoother and more connected playing.

Guitar Techniques Used in "Quick Licks - Eric Clapton"

Upon completing "Quick Licks - Eric Clapton," your skills will be enhanced in the following techniques:

"Quick Licks - Eric Clapton" is an essential course for any guitarist seeking to delve into the heart of blues and rock guitar. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced player, these lessons provide a comprehensive guide to mastering the style of one of the most influential guitarists in music history.

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