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Welcome to the "Radiohead - Tech Session" by Jamie Humphries, an exceptional guitar lesson series available on This comprehensive course dives deep into the intricate and innovative guitar techniques used by Radiohead, offering guitarists of all levels the opportunity to master their unique sound. Whether you're a beginner looking to broaden your skill set or an advanced player aiming to refine your technique, this session provides valuable insights and practical instruction.

Lesson Breakdown

Lesson Structure

The "Radiohead - Tech Session" is meticulously structured to cover various techniques employed by Radiohead in their music. Each lesson focuses on a specific technique, breaking it down into manageable steps and demonstrating how it is applied in the context of Radiohead's songs.

Techniques and Benefits

  1. Vibrato: This technique adds emotion and expression to your playing by varying the pitch of a note. Learning vibrato enhances your ability to convey feeling through your music, making your solos more dynamic and engaging.
  2. Alternate Picking: Mastering alternate picking improves your speed and precision, allowing you to tackle complex riffs and solos with greater ease. This technique is essential for playing fast, articulate passages common in Radiohead's music.
  3. Legato: Legato playing involves smooth transitions between notes, creating a flowing, connected sound. It’s crucial for achieving the seamless, melodic lines often heard in Radiohead's guitar work.
  4. Tapped Harmonics: This technique produces bell-like tones that add a unique texture to your playing. Learning tapped harmonics will expand your sonic palette, enabling you to create ethereal soundscapes reminiscent of Radiohead's experimental style.
  5. Double-Stop Bends: Incorporating double-stop bends into your repertoire allows you to play two notes simultaneously while bending one or both. This technique adds richness and complexity to your solos, mimicking the intricate harmonic structures found in Radiohead's music.
  6. Unison Bends: Unison bends involve bending one string to match the pitch of another, creating a powerful, resonant sound. This technique is effective for adding intensity and emphasis to key moments in your solos.
  7. Pinched Harmonics: These produce high-pitched, squealing tones by lightly touching the string with the thumb after picking. Pinched harmonics add a sharp, aggressive edge to your playing, suitable for Radiohead's more intense passages.
  8. Trills: Trills involve rapid alternation between two adjacent notes, adding excitement and energy to your playing. They are perfect for creating tension and release within your solos.
  9. Tremolo Picking: This technique involves rapidly picking a single note to create a sustained, shimmering effect. Tremolo picking is useful for adding texture and momentum to your playing, essential for capturing the drive of Radiohead's music.
  10. Chord Progressions: Understanding and utilising varied chord progressions is key to emulating Radiohead's harmonic complexity. This knowledge enables you to create more interesting and dynamic compositions.
  11. Arpeggios: Playing arpeggios, or broken chords, helps you outline the harmony of a song while adding a melodic element. This technique is fundamental for executing the intricate, layered parts characteristic of Radiohead's style.


One of the standout features of the "Radiohead - Tech Session" is the inclusion of performances by Jamie Humphries. Watching these performances is incredibly beneficial for students as it demonstrates how the techniques are applied in a musical context. Seeing the fluid execution of techniques in real-time provides a practical example to emulate, helping you understand the nuances and subtleties of each method. It also offers inspiration and motivation, showing what is possible with dedication and practice.


The "Radiohead - Tech Session" by Jamie Humphries is an invaluable resource for guitarists seeking to expand their technical skills and musical understanding. By breaking down each technique and demonstrating its application through performance, this course provides a comprehensive learning experience. Embrace the opportunity to master these techniques and incorporate them into your own playing, enhancing your versatility and expressiveness as a guitarist.

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