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Explore the intricate world of 7 and 8 string guitars with "Sam Bell - Extended Guitar," available exclusively at Sam Bell, a virtuoso in modern guitar playing, presents an in-depth series of lessons that will take your guitar skills to a new dimension. Whether you're an intermediate player eager to delve into extended range guitars or an advanced guitarist looking to refine your technique, these lessons offer a comprehensive guide to mastering these unique instruments. Sam’s engaging teaching style and precise instructions make complex techniques accessible and fun to learn.

7 String Guitar Techniques

Extended Range Benefits

Playing a 7 string guitar opens up a wider sonic palette, allowing for deeper bass notes and richer chord voicings. This expanded range enhances your musical versatility and provides new opportunities for creative expression.

Alternate Picking

Alternate picking is crucial for playing fast, articulate lines on a 7 string guitar. Sam Bell’s lessons on this technique help you develop speed and precision, making it easier to navigate the extended fretboard with ease.

Sweep Picking

Sweep picking on a 7 string guitar allows for fluid arpeggio patterns that can traverse the entire range of the instrument. Sam’s clear demonstrations make mastering this challenging technique achievable, adding a new level of sophistication to your playing.


Legato techniques, including hammer-ons and pull-offs, are essential for smooth, connected phrases on a 7 string guitar. Sam Bell’s instruction focuses on building finger strength and agility, ensuring that your legato passages are clean and expressive.

Two-Handed Tapping

Two-handed tapping on a 7 string guitar can create intricate, multi-layered sounds. Sam’s lessons break down this complex technique, helping you to execute it flawlessly and incorporate it into your solos for a dramatic effect.

8 String Guitar Techniques

Extended Range Benefits

The 8 string guitar offers an even broader range, from deep, resonant lows to sparkling highs. This versatility allows for innovative playing styles and compositions, making it a favourite among progressive and metal guitarists.

String Skipping

String skipping is vital for navigating the wide fretboard of an 8 string guitar. Sam’s lessons on this technique will enhance your accuracy and fluidity, allowing for seamless transitions between strings.

Pinched Harmonics

Pinched harmonics add a distinctive, high-pitched squeal to your notes. On an 8 string guitar, this technique can create powerful and piercing effects. Sam Bell’s detailed instruction ensures you can produce consistent and clear pinched harmonics across the extended range.


Trills on an 8 string guitar involve rapid alternations between notes, adding intensity and complexity to your playing. Sam’s guidance helps you to execute trills with precision, even on the wider fretboard of an 8 string guitar.

Palm Muting

Palm muting is essential for controlling the resonance of the lower strings on an 8 string guitar. Sam Bell teaches you how to achieve tight, percussive sounds, enhancing your rhythm playing and overall tonal control.

Performance Context

Seeing these advanced techniques applied in a performance context is invaluable. Watching Sam Bell perform allows you to understand how each technique fits into a musical piece, providing a practical application that goes beyond theoretical knowledge. Performances demonstrate the fluid integration of techniques, showcasing their versatility and enhancing your ability to apply them creatively. Observing a seasoned professional like Sam Bell also offers insights into dynamics, timing, and stage presence, which are crucial for any aspiring guitarist.

Guitar Techniques Covered

Unlock the potential of extended range guitars with Sam Bell’s expert guidance. Each lesson is designed to build your confidence and proficiency, helping you to become a more versatile and expressive guitarist. Join us at and elevate your guitar playing with "Sam Bell - Extended Guitar."

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Sam Bell has been playing guitar from the age of 4, since then he has played many styles from Funky Blues to screaming Metal/Fusion on 8 string guitar. A member of UK tech metal band ‘Mask of Judas’, he is also currently writing his own solo instrumental album. He also...

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