Zakk Wylde - Tech Session by Nick Jennison


Welcome to Licklibrary's "Zakk Wylde - Tech Session" by Nick Jennison, an in-depth guitar lesson series that breaks down the signature techniques and styles of legendary guitarist Zakk Wylde. This comprehensive course is designed to help guitarists of all levels master Wylde's unique playing style through detailed instruction and practical demonstrations. The session is divided into four main parts: Lesson Part 1, Lesson Part 2, Gear & Tone, and Performance. Each section focuses on different aspects of Wylde's technique, providing valuable insights and hands-on practice to help you elevate your guitar playing.

Lesson Part 1

In Lesson Part 1, Nick Jennison introduces you to the fundamental techniques that define Zakk Wylde's playing style. This section covers:


Wylde's powerful vibrato is a key component of his expressive sound. By mastering vibrato, you'll add emotion and sustain to your notes, making your solos more impactful.

Alternate Picking

The lesson delves into alternate picking, a technique essential for achieving the speed and precision that Wylde is known for. Improving your alternate picking will enhance your ability to play fast, intricate passages with clarity.


Legato techniques are also covered, focusing on smooth, flowing note transitions. This technique is crucial for creating seamless, connected phrases in your solos.

Tapped Harmonics

Learn the art of tapped harmonics, which add a distinctive, bell-like quality to your playing. This technique will expand your tonal palette and introduce new textures to your solos.

Double Stop Bends

Nick Jennison demonstrates how to execute double stop bends, a technique that involves bending two strings simultaneously. This adds a harmonic richness and tension to your playing, characteristic of Wylde's solos.

Lesson Part 2

Lesson Part 2 builds on the techniques introduced in the first part, diving deeper into more advanced aspects of Zakk Wylde's playing style.

Unison Bends

Master the powerful unison bends that create a chorus-like effect, adding intensity and drama to your solos.

Pinched Harmonics

Learn to incorporate pinched harmonics into your playing, achieving the screaming, high-pitched tones that are a hallmark of Wylde's style.


Trills are also covered, providing you with the skills to execute rapid alternations between notes, adding excitement and flair to your solos.

Tremolo Picking

Tremolo picking is another key technique, enabling you to play fast, continuous streams of notes. This technique is essential for creating the intense, rapid-fire passages that Wylde often employs.

Chord Progressions

Explore various chord progressions used by Wylde, enhancing your understanding of song structure and harmonic movement.

Gear & Tone

In the Gear & Tone section, Nick Jennison provides an in-depth look at the equipment and settings that Zakk Wylde uses to achieve his iconic sound. This includes:


Jennison discusses the amplifiers favored by Wylde, detailing how to dial in the settings to replicate his powerful, overdriven tone.


An overview of Wylde's guitar choices, including his signature Les Pauls, and how their construction and pickups contribute to his sound.


Learn about the effects pedals Wylde uses, such as overdrive, chorus, and delay, and how to use them to shape your tone.


The Performance section features Nick Jennison demonstrating the techniques covered in the lessons in a musical context. This performance is not only inspiring but also highly educational, showing you how to apply the techniques in real-world scenarios.

Why Performance Context is Useful

Seeing the techniques in a performance context is invaluable as it helps you understand how to integrate them into your own playing. It provides a practical example of how to combine different techniques to create dynamic, engaging solos and riffs. This section bridges the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical application, making it easier for you to incorporate what you've learned into your own music.

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