51 Killer Fusion Licks by Tom Quayle

At LickLibrary, we are excited to introduce "51 Killer Fusion Licks," a comprehensive guitar tutorial course meticulously crafted by the renowned guitarist Tom Quayle. This course is designed for guitarists looking to dive deep into the world of fusion guitar, incorporating a blend of jazz, rock, and blues elements to elevate their playing style. Each lesson is constructed to not only teach intricate licks but also to demonstrate them through performance, helping students see these techniques applied in real musical contexts.

Fusion Techniques Explained

The Art of Fusion Guitar

Fusion guitar is a genre that demands technical prowess and a deep understanding of diverse musical elements. Tom Quayle's lessons focus on essential fusion techniques that are crucial for any aspiring guitarist. By breaking down complex licks into manageable segments, Tom ensures that students can grasp and apply these techniques effectively.

Benefits of Learning Fusion Techniques

Learning fusion guitar techniques allows players to enhance their musical vocabulary, improve their improvisational skills, and expand their ability to express emotions through music. Each technique discussed offers unique benefits, helping to develop a player's speed, accuracy, and tonal expression.

Importance of Performance Context

Watching the Master at Work

Each lesson in "51 Killer Fusion Licks" includes a performance segment where Tom Quayle demonstrates the licks in a musical setting. Observing these techniques in action provides students with a clearer understanding of how to integrate them into their playing. It also offers insights into professional-level guitar playing, including dynamics, phrasing, and timing.

Learning Through Observation

Viewing these performances helps students connect the dots between isolated practice and actual music production. It's one thing to practice a lick; it's another to see it flow within the context of a song. These performances are not just demonstrations but are also inspiring showcases that motivate students to practice and improve.

Techniques Focused in the Lessons

Throughout the "51 Killer Fusion Licks" course, several key guitar techniques are covered. Each one is demonstrated and explained by Tom Quayle, making them accessible for guitarists who wish to incorporate these elements into their fusion playing style.

Fusion Techniques and Their Applications

The course delves into a variety of techniques, from basic to advanced, ensuring there's something for every level of player. Whether it's mastering the fluidity of legato, the precision of alternate picking, or the expressive potential of vibrato, each technique is explored in depth. Below, we will list the techniques used throughout the lessons, linking to detailed explanations for further learning.


"51 Killer Fusion Licks" by Tom Quayle is not just a series of lessons but a journey into the heart of fusion guitar playing. It equips students with the skills necessary to perform complex licks and apply them in various musical scenarios. By the end of this course, students will not only have learned new guitar techniques but will also have gained a greater appreciation and understanding of what makes fusion guitar so captivating and challenging.

Guitar Techniques Used in This Course

This comprehensive list of techniques, each linked to a detailed glossary entry, offers a resource for students to explore and understand the technical aspects of each skill. Whether you are a beginner looking to understand the basics or an advanced player aiming to refine your technique, "51 Killer Fusion Licks" provides valuable insights and lessons tailored to enhance your musical expression and technical skills in the realm of fusion guitar.

About The Tutor

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Tom Quayle

Tom Quayle needs no introduction on the guitar scene after shooting to attention when he made it to the finals of Guitar Idol back in 2008. Before that he was a graduate of Leeds College of Music where he did a degree in jazz then hit the local jazz scene....

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