Learn to Play Steve Vai - The Solos

Unlock the magic behind the tantalizing solos of Steve Vai with Lick Library tutor Andy James. Steve Vai is a virtuoso guitar player known for his technical proficiency and the sheer musicality of his compositions. Our comprehensive "Learn to Play Steve Vai - The Solos" guitar course provides a deep dive into some of Vai's most iconic solos. This course, meticulously designed to cater to guitarists of all levels, breaks down the solos from five signature Vai tracks: "Ladies' Nite in Buffalo", "Goin' Crazy", "Elephant Gun", "Big Trouble", and "Bump and Grind". Let's take an in-depth look at each of these and how you will gain a wealth of knowledge from this course.

Ladies' Nite in Buffalo

"Ladies' Nite in Buffalo" is a distinct track demonstrating Vai's unique fusion of melodic lyricism and technical prowess. Predominantly leaning on the A minor pentatonic scale, this solo employs a myriad of techniques, including expressive string bending, vibrato, and legato lines. This lesson will help you incorporate these techniques, crafting your own solos with a similar expressive touch.

Goin' Crazy

The solo in "Goin' Crazy" showcases Vai's phenomenal command of the guitar. This composition uses the D minor pentatonic and D Dorian scales extensively. The intricacies of this solo involve alternate picking, tapped harmonics, and unison bends, allowing you to explore a diverse range of sonic textures and tonal colors.

Elephant Gun

"Elephant Gun" demonstrates Vai's ingenious use of the Lydian mode, creating an ethereal sonic landscape. The solo includes techniques like two-handed tapping, pinched harmonics, and dive bombs, adding to the otherworldly feel of the track. Learning this solo will expand your understanding of modal playing and the application of exotic techniques.

Big Trouble

"Big Trouble" is a high-energy track featuring Vai's signature virtuosic playing. The solo utilizes E minor pentatonic and E harmonic minor scales and introduces a wide array of techniques like trills, tremolo picking, and complex chord progressions. This lesson will help you grasp the application of these techniques in crafting intense, high-energy solos.

Bump and Grind

"Bump and Grind" is an eccentric composition reflecting Vai's out-of-the-box thinking. This track uses the Mixolydian mode, lending it a dominant seventh tonality. Key techniques include palm muting, pre-bends, and double-stops, offering you a deeper insight into rhythmic playing and funky solo construction.

About Steve Vai

Steve Vai is an emblem of virtuosity and musicality in the realm of rock and fusion guitar. His groundbreaking work, characterized by its harmonic innovation, rhythmic complexity, and sonic experimentation, has left an indelible mark on these genres. Vai's ability to intertwine complex techniques with melodic richness makes his solos sing, speak, and sometimes scream, taking listeners on a unique musical journey. His contribution to these five songs exemplifies his technical mastery and his unparalleled musical imagination.

Techniques Covered

This course will familiarize you with a multitude of guitar techniques that are used in these songs. Each technique has a dedicated lesson, where we will guide you step by step. You'll learn everything from alternate picking to vibrato, legato, tapped harmonics, double-stop bends, unison bends, pinched harmonics, trills, tremolo picking, chord progressions, two-handed tapping, palm muting, pre-bends, and double stops.

The techniques include:

  1. Vibrato
  2. Alternate Picking
  3. Legato
  4. Tapped Harmonics
  5. Double-Stop Bends
  6. Unison Bends
  7. Pinched Harmonics
  8. Trills
  9. Tremolo Picking
  10. Chord Progressions
  11. Two-Handed Tapping
  12. Palm Muting
  13. Pre-Bends
  14. Double Stops

"Learn to Play Steve Vai - The Solos" promises to be an enlightening journey, teaching you the stylistic intricacies of one of the most influential guitarists of our time. So grab your axe and let's start exploring the world of Steve Vai together!

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