Seven String Secrets: Your Gateway to Mastering Modern Metal Guitar

LickLibrary proudly introduces "Seven String Secrets," a groundbreaking guitar course meticulously crafted to elevate your mastery over the enigmatic and potent seven-string guitar. This extensive tutorial covers essential techniques that shape the sound of modern metal, offering a complete journey for guitarists eager to enhance their musical palette on the seven-string platform. This course is taught by Sam Bell.

Guitar Lesson Breakdown

Understanding 7 String Tuning

The cornerstone of unlocking the seven-string guitar's potential begins with mastering its tuning. This course kicks off by guiding you through the standard tuning of a seven-string, which introduces a lower B string to the conventional six-string setup. This extra string broadens the guitar's sonic range, paving the way for richer, more intense riffs and chords characteristic of contemporary metal. Grasping this tuning is crucial for any guitarist venturing into the realm of extended-range instruments, providing fresh pathways for your musical exploration and composition.

Modern Metal Seven String Chord Voicings

Step into the sophisticated universe of modern metal chord voicings tailored for the seven-string guitar. In this course segment, you'll learn how to use the instrument's extended range to forge powerful, intricate chords that bring depth and vigor to your sound. Whether you're into djent or progressive metal, mastering these voicings is essential for achieving the cutting-edge tones that define the metal genre today.

Techniques: Legato, Tapping, and Slap Guitar

This course thoroughly covers the art of legato for smooth, flowing lines, the precision of tapping for articulate melodies, and the percussive power of slap techniques, all on the seven-string guitar. You'll receive detailed instructions on incorporating these techniques into your repertoire, enhancing your expressive capabilities and adding sophistication to your solos and rhythm parts. These techniques not only bolster your technical skills but also broaden your creative horizons.

Mastery of Scale Shapes and Arpeggios

This crucial part of the course aims to deepen your understanding of scale shapes and arpeggios, especially as they apply to the seven-string guitar. Expanding your fretboard knowledge opens up innovative soloing and improvisational opportunities, allowing you to weave compelling melodies and craft standout solos with ease.

Benefits of Playing Over a Backing Track

Included with "Seven String Secrets" is an exclusive backing track designed to complement the course's lessons. Engaging with this track is more than mere practice—it's a vital component of your musical growth. It enables you to put the techniques into practice within a musical context, sharpens your timing and rhythmic skills, and boosts your improvisational prowess. This immersive experience mimics playing within a band setting, gearing you up for live performances and collaborative endeavors.

"Seven String Secrets" doesn’t just teach you about playing the guitar; it immerses you in the artistry and potential of the seven-string. Each technique discussed is a stepping stone towards becoming a multifaceted, dynamic player in the modern metal landscape.

Guitar Techniques Utilized in This Course

This curated list is your portal to diving deep into your instrument, equipping you with the skills and insights necessary to elevate your playing. "Seven String Secrets" is not merely a course—it's a journey to the heart of the seven-string guitar, unlocking its full expressive and creative potential.

About The Tutor

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Sam Bell

Sam Bell has been playing guitar from the age of 4, since then he has played many styles from Funky Blues to screaming Metal/Fusion on 8 string guitar. A member of UK tech metal band ‘Mask of Judas’, he is also currently writing his own solo instrumental album. He also...

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