Tosin Abasi - Tech Session by Sam Bell

Welcome to the "Tosin Abasi - Tech Session" by Sam Bell, a comprehensive guitar lesson package available at This exclusive series delves into the intricate playing style of Tosin Abasi, a virtuoso known for his technical proficiency and innovative techniques. Whether you're a budding guitarist or a seasoned player looking to expand your skill set, these lessons are designed to provide you with valuable insights and practical skills that will elevate your playing.

Lesson Breakdown

Introduction to Tosin Abasi's Style

The session begins with an introduction to Tosin Abasi's unique approach to the guitar. Abasi, the mastermind behind Animals as Leaders, is renowned for his complex rhythms, seamless transitions between techniques, and his ability to create a wide range of tones and textures. This introductory lesson sets the stage for what’s to come, providing an overview of his style and what makes it so distinctive.

Detailed Technique Lessons

Each technique-focused lesson is meticulously crafted to help you master the specific skills that define Tosin Abasi's playing. Below are the techniques covered and the benefits of learning them:

Two-Handed Tapping

Two-handed tapping allows for the execution of rapid, flowing notes that would be impossible to achieve with one hand alone. This technique is essential for creating complex, layered sounds, giving your solos a unique and captivating quality.

Sweep Picking

Sweep picking enables you to play fast, fluid arpeggios with minimal effort. This technique is crucial for playing intricate passages cleanly and efficiently, helping you to develop speed and accuracy.

Alternate Picking

Alternate picking is a fundamental technique for achieving speed and precision. It involves alternating down and upstrokes, allowing for smooth, continuous picking patterns. Mastering this technique is vital for playing fast runs and complex rhythms.


Legato playing involves smooth, connected notes with minimal pick attack. This technique helps in creating fluid, seamless lines, and is essential for achieving a silky-smooth playing style.

Tapped Harmonics

Tapped harmonics produce bell-like, ethereal tones by tapping the string at specific points. This technique adds a unique texture to your playing, making your solos stand out.

Performance by Sam Bell

Seeing these techniques applied in a performance context is immensely beneficial. Sam Bell’s performance demonstrates how to integrate these techniques seamlessly into your playing. By observing how these methods are used in real musical scenarios, you gain a deeper understanding of their practical applications. Watching a professional performance also provides inspiration and a visual reference for executing the techniques correctly.

Why Learn These Techniques?

Learning these techniques not only enhances your technical skills but also broadens your musical vocabulary. Here’s how each technique can benefit your playing:

  • Two-Handed Tapping: Expands your melodic range and allows for innovative soloing possibilities.
  • Sweep Picking: Improves your ability to play fast, clean arpeggios, adding sophistication to your solos.
  • Alternate Picking: Boosts your picking efficiency and speed, essential for tackling complex passages.
  • Legato: Adds smoothness to your playing, making your lines sound more connected and natural.
  • Tapped Harmonics: Introduces unique tonal textures, making your solos more interesting and dynamic.

List of Guitar Techniques

Here are the guitar techniques covered in these lessons, each linked to a detailed glossary entry for further exploration:

By integrating these techniques into your practice routine, you will significantly enhance your guitar playing capabilities. Join us at and start your journey towards mastering the intricate and exciting style of Tosin Abasi with Sam Bell as your guide.

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