Metallica - Tech Session by Jamie Humphries

"Metallica - Tech Session" by Jamie Humphries offers guitar enthusiasts an unparalleled opportunity to delve into the intricate world of Metallica's music. This comprehensive tutorial focuses on three core areas: Rhythm Parts, Lead Parts, and Performance. Each section is meticulously crafted to enhance your playing skills, providing a detailed breakdown of the techniques used by one of the most influential metal bands in history.

Rhythm Parts

The rhythm guitar parts in Metallica's music are foundational to their heavy and powerful sound. In this session, Jamie Humphries covers various rhythm techniques that are essential for any aspiring metal guitarist.

Power Chords

Power chords are a staple in metal music, providing the driving force behind many of Metallica's riffs. Learning power chords will enhance your ability to create a thick, powerful sound that is characteristic of metal music.

Palm Muting

Palm muting is another crucial technique, creating the tight, percussive sound that gives Metallica's riffs their aggressive edge. Mastering palm muting will allow you to add dynamic contrast to your playing, making your riffs more impactful.

Galloping Rhythms

Galloping rhythms, as popularised by Metallica, involve fast, rhythmic picking that mimics the sound of a galloping horse. This technique is great for improving your timing and picking accuracy, making your playing more precise and energetic.

Lead Parts

Jamie Humphries' lead guitar lessons provide an in-depth look at the techniques that define Metallica's solos. These lessons will help you to develop speed, accuracy, and expression in your lead playing.

Alternate Picking

Alternate picking is essential for playing fast, intricate passages with precision. By practicing alternate picking, you'll be able to play faster and cleaner, making your solos more fluid and impressive.


Legato techniques, including hammer-ons and pull-offs, allow for smooth, flowing lines that are integral to many of Metallica's solos. These techniques are beneficial for creating seamless transitions between notes, adding a lyrical quality to your playing.

Tapped Harmonics

Tapped harmonics produce a unique, bell-like tone that can add a distinctive sound to your solos. Learning this technique will expand your tonal palette, enabling you to add more variety to your lead playing.


In addition to breaking down the rhythm and lead parts, Jamie Humphries also includes a full performance of the song. Watching a complete performance is incredibly beneficial for several reasons:

Contextual Learning

Seeing the techniques applied in a real performance context helps you understand how they fit together to create a cohesive piece of music. This holistic view can make it easier to apply these techniques in your own playing.

Timing and Phrasing

Observing a performance helps you grasp the nuances of timing and phrasing that are essential to Metallica's style. This understanding will improve your overall musicality and expressiveness.

Stage Presence

Learning from a performance also gives you insight into stage presence and how to engage an audience. This is crucial for developing confidence and charisma as a performer.

Techniques Covered

The "Metallica - Tech Session" by Jamie Humphries covers a wide range of guitar techniques. Here is a list of techniques you will learn in these lessons:

By focusing on these techniques, "Metallica - Tech Session" by Jamie Humphries offers a comprehensive learning experience that will elevate your guitar playing to new heights. Whether you're a seasoned player or just starting out, these lessons provide invaluable insights into the techniques that have defined Metallica's legendary sound.

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